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Warehouses in Majorca

1. Characteristics

Majorca has no long industrial tradition. Fact is that Majorca gained some national and international fame in the entrepreneurial sectors of costume jewellery, footwear, and food production. With the advent of urban planning in the last century the industrial activities were moved from the city to the outskirts, which formed the foundation stone for today's business parks.

No one disputes that Majorca is a land of almost unlimited and promising opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many natural and legal persons have created companies on our island. A business in the traditional sense requires a good infrastructure. In the commercial or industrial areas one finds the warehouses or industrial halls, extremely attractive architectural constructions, which encourage customers to visit the business representative.

The industrial halls or warehouses are usually very large. Their economic value is extremely high caused by its furnishings and the land they occupy. Many have a simple structure, almost transparent, with high roofs and an area for management activities and an office, usually located on an upper floor. The warehouses or industrial halls are built of very resistant materials which impress the observer by their functionality. In general, no aesthetic claims exist. The important goal is the productive activity that uses the available resources optimally.


2. Location

Business parksare relatively new areas that have arisen in the middle of the last century. Usually there are the industrial zones where one finds commercial real estates. The halls can also be found in other locations, but that has always been the exception. They are designed to facilitate business life in the towns and villages and - of course - relieve the urban traffic. These industrial parks meet an important organizational function for our company. Proximity to other entrepreneurs and businesses often has a “special advantage” as customers normally do not visit only one business.


3. History

Majorca has no long history on the territory of enterprises, as we understand them today. Thanks to the enormous investment in the tourism sector, our infrastructure has been renovated to be competitive on the markets. The competition and services attracted entrepreneurs onto the island aiming at meeting the needs of the markets. This created a new economic situation within a few years. The consequence of this new environmental changes was the creation of commercial or industrial areas with warehouses or industrial halls; places where economic development could be met.


4. Pros and Cons

The acquisition of an industrial or a commercial property is an important investment. The success of this investment depends heavily on the success of the economic activity. It is essential that the industrial hall or warehouse fits perfectly into the entrepreneurial activity area.


5. Perspectives and Investor Relations

Buying a commercial propertyon the Balearic Islands as an industrial hall or a warehouse normally results in an augmentation of the investor’s assets. It remains always an active asset currently and in the future. Not all business owners are the proprietors of the halls where they conduct their business.


Nova Real Estate Agencyhas a long experience in dealing with commercial real estate and in industrial halls and warehouses in particular. In our online catalogue you find a selection of our warehouses in Majorca.


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