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Villas and Chalets in Majorca

1. Característics

Concerning Majorca villas and chalets are the perfect property type. This is due to the seriously high supply and demand for these properties. Clearly it is the preferred and desired real estate type of residents and foreigners alike. Thus, one can say a villa in Majorca is the Queen of the estates. Without a doubt its luxury, its exclusivity, its location, and innovative character are the main features of the villas and houses of Majorca.

The constructive technique developed for villas and chalets in Majorca can be considered as a genuine works of art. The external structures of Majorcan villas and chalets are superb. Charming and majestic, these properties are either realized in sophisticated Baroque style or shine through their simple and compact design. Its presence is emblematic to the nucleus where it is located, known by the locals and, occasionally, by foreigners. A model of a Majorcan villa obtains in each of its levels enormous and sublime gardens, pockets of life and fragrances, with infinite balusters and pools in the latest design. These elements are enhanced by a set of arches, immeasurable arcades and extensive terraces, which appear to cover the horizon. These properties are the fruit of the projection of ideas, on paper and as a project, realized with materials which are in symbiotic communication with its environment.

Villas and chalets in Majorca are spacious, providing its proprietors with huge and incredibly distributed interiors where there is no place to miss any detail in any corner in furniture, in colour or in good taste and in the exclusivity of these elements that make it up. The exquisite luxury and exclusivity of its internal dependencies is always the product of an unusual taste beyond comfort in these properties. Interior designers, technicians and designers, many renowned national and international, expand the properties spaces into the far by playing with the sunlight. Light is a constructive element. This, in all its splendour is studied to project future effects on furniture and space. Light, is without a doubt, the constructive element that guides the hand of designer, knowing that light itself knows how to donate life!

It must not be forgotten to mention that the latest technology in security and home automation, even sometimes in villas and houses with an antique look and great architectural design, coexists harmoniously among its walls to guarantee the enjoyment of life itself, a unique, authentic, and real experience!


2. Location

Located in paradise-like exteriors, villas and chalets in Majorca breathe and live “harmony” within their environment. Either at a seaside beach, on a cliff, in a deserted valley or on the slopes of the sierra the site is always magical, enchanting, and sublime. Majorcan villas merge with the landscape, forming a new entity perfect and alive. They witness stunning sunrises and sunsets, where the sea is a pure and beautiful stone that fragments the sun rays into the colours of the rainbow, extolling its blue and turquoise shades, with its salt smell. Other villas and chalets sculpt the mountains silhouette thanks to their natural forms of creation, in a giant puzzle of rocks, stones, irregular shapes, and light. Others are located in valleys where they are presented as a natural element, surrounded by nature in its entire splendour. Thus, locations of villas and chalets Majorca are considered as places of stunning beauty, unimaginable views, great sensory impression, and perfect taste. Many of the villas and chalets in Majorca unfold their beauty in areas close to Palma de Majorca as well as in coastal areas.

It is advisable to think about the location of the airport of Palma de Majorca, regarding a future purchase of a property. This magnificent facility provides services as car rentals and offers the ability to flights from and to Majorca throughout the whole year. A crucial issue which simplifies the decision to buy a property on the largest of the Balearic Islands much easier.

It is not necessary to mention that our main attractions for tourists are the beaches of Majorca. Most of our guests stay in one of the countless hotels. Both touristic assets, the beaches and the accommodations are top rated infrastructures. Many of our visitors decide after view visits to to acquire a residence in our island, which could well be a chalet or villa, either in Palma or its surroundings or on another location on the island.

The acquisition of one of the villas or chalets in Majorca is the decision to live in a paradise consisting of perfect nature, with the latest and best techniques and architectural know-how and within a superb, unique, breath-taking beauty and arts emblematic.


3. History

Villas and luxury chalets in Majorca are the natural and current equivalent of stately homes and palaces of the past. Magnificent ancient buildings transformed into wonderful and spectacular villas in unique locations. Coats of arms and coats of facades have been replaced by wall curtains, design, Japanese gardens pools, and the latest innovations in home automation. Villas and chalets of today are the properties that distil elegance, good taste, and glamour in our days.


4. Pros and Cons

To live in a villa or a chalet in Majorca is equivalent to live in a privileged place. In return, the maintenance of these facilities and their “nursing”, to keep the perfect conditions up to date means economic burden. In addition, sometimes the privileged locations of these properties can isolate the proprietors, to some extent, from the towns. The advantages of privacy that entails might be at danger by the disadvantages that arise when staff inhabits part of the property in case they accompany the object continuously.


5. Expections and Investor Relations

Invest in a property as a chalet or villa in a place like Majorca is almost always a guarantee of revaluation in future as generally the property value rise over time. It is also true that in times of economic severe times the value of this type of property does not augment as significantly as during the last years but the trend of the price development is still positive.


Nova Real Estate Agency has a long tradition in selling villas in Majorca. Please, feel free to brows our online catalogue at villas in Majorca or contact us to support you in your search for a unique property on the Balearic Islands.

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