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Townhouses in Majorca

1. Characteristics

If you are in search of a specific construction design which can be characterized by its enormous success in recent years throughout Majorca and Spain then you will be directed towards the townhouses. In Majorca they are built in various areas, always bearing their typical characteristics. The townhouses in Majorca leverage attractive house structure elements as an outdoor area, two or three floors and not to forget the nearness of a neighbor.

Apart from flats and apartments townhouses currently represent one of the most attractive real estate properties in Majorca. Sometimes people living in Palma de Majorca move into villages in the interior of the island or into a coastal region only to live in such a highly requested property!

In contrast to a flat the townhouse structure is leveraged and therefore differs by the more generously granted spaces on the respective floors and very often by a common car park, a garage and sometimes by a basement. Not to mention the beautiful terraces and gardens of townhouses, probably the Western contribution to the success of this prestigious objects in the city or other zones.  A garden, a swimming pool, a barbecue, a dining area outside, a terrace and a veranda put every proprietor into the position to enjoy the splendid weather in Majorca! A pleasure that justifies the investment in something so coveted at any time.

Townhouses have caused a kind of revolution in the living area in Majorca. The Victorian mansions in London, townhouses nestle one on the other, with gardens and hedgerows preserve ones privacy. Foreign and Spanish families alike enjoy the valuable cultural and social exchange such a lifestyle offers them. Public places, the beach, walking paths and authorities are mostly in the immediate vicinity and therefore easily accessible.

In recent years the settlement of townhouses has been the preferred construction principle in the capital Palma de Majorca as well as in several villages as in Manacor, Incaand Sa Pobla. Thus, zones apart from an urban core have been transformed into places inhabiting all modern amenities. Spacious streets, promenades, gardens and nearby shopping malls, successfully seen in Marratxí, illustrate the new way of life in urban centers and coastal areas.


2. Location

The townhouse in Majorca enriches the whole geography of the island. Definitely there is a difference between those in coastal areas and those in urban areas. Majorca's villages and its capital have renewed their plans of the urban sector, taking into account the residential areas. There are even residential areas within urban areas that give the impression of complete independence as it is the case in Crist Rei in the province of Inca, in an area of Marratxí, in Bunyola and in some quarters of Palma de Majorca, like Son Rapinya. These areas provide a rich infrastructure with public transportation, nearby schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

Townhouses on the coastlineserve mainly to enjoy the benefits of the sea; the gentle breeze and the nice and constant weather. The gardens multiply its value as soon as they turn into privileged places with refreshing coolness during the months of summer. All these residential areas benefit from their proximity to the sea, the properties’ common trait.


3. History

In contrast to Northern Europe (towns in England and Germany) townhouses in Majorca have a very brief history. Connected with the respective residential area the townhouse shines through its style elements and details. Despite its "youth", this type is recognized as a very valued object as witnessed by its strong demand. It is the new form of housing where old houses in urban centers are replaced by residential areas which are not in the center but nonetheless yet offer central advantages of a city.


4. Pros and Cons

Life in a townhouse is characterized by its extraordinary comfort. One enjoys greatest possible privacy and still benefits the advantages of a village, a capital city or a region. They all represent optimal areas for families. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes a residential area is distant to an urban nucleus; still the proprietors of townhouses benefit from the typical advantages of a city.

5. Perspectives and Investment Relations

For mainly two reasons townhouses are good and future-proof investments. On the one hand they offer an exceptional comfort and on the other hand its location offers sustainable advantages in terms of accessibility. The successful distribution of the living area into one or more floors provides them with a cozy character, enhanced by the valuable outdoor area. Such housing guarantees an environment with greatest security for children, the absence of mostly disturbing noises of traffic and other typical urban activities. In addition to this it usually offers the nearness of a green space to relax. All these advantages increase and secure the investment in a townhouse in Majorca.


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