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Son Servera


The name of Son Servera comes from Ço (Això) de'n Servera, used a lot in olden days to refer to large mansion estates, it means in literal terms ’esto de Server’ (this of Servera). Servera at the same time comes from the name of a tree, the common Rowan, (in Catalan is cervera), which is the coat of arms of the village, which has a blue back ground with three golden spurs. The etymology of the surname Servera comes from the first owners of these lands, which according to Bover, had 32 mounts, the first owners being those of Benicanella, the Servera Ferri, who came from Porreres, municipality of Mallorca.

Son Servera once belonged to Artá, (Arabian terminology for Yartán) the same as Capdepera. As from the year 1820, due to the new law that gave the capacity to create a municipality of any nucleus of more than 1000 inhabitants, it became independent, although not long after in the year 1824, it lost this independence and did not regain it until the year 1837, the first Mayor being Mr Francisco Servera.

It is said that of the founders of the village many changed their surname to that of Servera and nowadays there are many locals in the village that have this surname. Besides, those that have the surname Servera that do not live in the village have ancestors that did, which in a way only confirms the popular belief.


Son Servera has several nucleuses of population. Son Servera, where the Town Hall is situated is the oldest nucleus. It has the mountains Son Lluc to the north east and the Na Peñal as well as the Pico de la Fuente to the south east. Cala Millor is mainly a touristic area and the administration is divided between San Lorenzo des Cardassar and Son Servera. Although the administration is divided between the two there is a very cordial atmosphere, good understanding with no marked differences so that the inhabitants of one side can use the institutions of the other. The neighbourhood in the area of the port Cala Bona has both fishing boats and boats destined for pleasure. Pula has an important golf club, the Pula Golf which uses purified water which results in that almost no water is wasted. The population of the nucleus Costa de los Pinos is mainly a residential zone of villas.

Places of interest

S'Esglèsia Nova (New Church), a Christian temple still to be finished, is its main architectural landmark. The building began in 1905, thanks to the illusion of the inhabitants of that age. The last improvements were the restoration of the chapel with the name of ‘Sa Capella Fonda’, now they are finishing off some improvements to which ought to be the Sacristy and the storehouse of the original plan, brought to this locality by the architect who was a disciple of Gaudí, Rubió Bellver, this will revert in changing rooms and in multipurpose rooms, which were lacking before due to the quantity of cultural events which were programmed there.

The Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist is the main church of Son Servera, it was built starting from which was originally a defence tower belonging to the two manor estates which were formed in the village, with the division of the two brothers Servera, Ca S´Hereuand and Son Fra Garí, in the XVI century. Nowadays, its main vestige, there are still visible some points of quadrangular form attached to the bell tower which was built in the XVIII century. It is here that the majority of the religious acts take place, as well as a multitude of events such as concerts or recitals.

Els rentadors, a place where the people could wash their clothes before, it had a fountain that had constant running water, which made it very attractive to see.

We must mention here certain houses that for their antiquity and great cultural value have been conserved and restored. One is Ca Na Violina which is just behind the Town Hall which used to be the old School of Music, until the new one was inaugurated in the old FEVE Station. From this moment onwards, the restoration took place and at present it is annexed to the Town Hall.

The houses of Ca s'Hereu are a valuable sample of traditional architecture. The old mansion houses ‘Antiguas cases de possessió’ (similar to a ‘masía’ or ‘cortijo’) have belonged to the same family for many generations and receive various conventions.


As is true of nearly all the island, the main source of income is tourism. In Son Servera it is difficult to find an activity that is not directly or indirectly related to tourism.


The road connections with Palma de Mallorca and the rest of Mallorca are guaranteed thanks to the service run by the bus/coach company the TIB, Transport de les Illes Balears.

Aquatic Sports

Son Servera has two excellent clubs for the practice of sailing and other sports related to the sea, these are Cala Bona and Cala Millor.

Golf Courses

Son Servera has the best, prestigious and consecrated golf course of Mallorca, the Pula Golf.

Special Events

The 17th of January the traditional festivity in honour of Sant Antoni is celebrated. It is the festivity that has been celebrated for the longest time. The tradition is to light bonfires in the streets and then later to cook ‘longanizas’ and ‘butifarrons’ (a type of Mallorcan sausage made from pork) on the bonfires.

The 24th of June the patron festivities of Son Servera commence and they have been celebrated for more than a hundred years. The festivities begin with the proclamation in the streets announcing that the festivities are about to begin which is followed by a supper in the streets. Many activities take place during the celebrations such as games and a great popular dance which ends with the eating of a typical delicious Mallorcan cake ‘ensaimadas’ accompanied with a drink of thick chocolate on the beach of the Costa de los Pinos. The 25th of June the walk up to the peak called Puig de Sa Font is celebrated.


Son Servera in the north east of Mallorca offers its residents two aspects of the life on the island. On the one hand, the quiet non-stressful life of the village with its traditions and simple sedentary life. On the other hand the dynamic life of Cala Millor with its beach, bars, restaurants and tourists.

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