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Premises in Majorca

1. Characteristics

The pulsating streets, formative for Palma de Majorca, the shopping malls in the suburbs, the villages and in the coastal areas have developed an enormous economic activity. To serve this exclusive trade purpose premises, or in general commercial real estates, were built on a large scale.

A business premises can accommodate virtually any type of business. The possibilities range from running a bar or restaurant, the conduct of a medical clinic, to operate a gaming salon or simply to trade any type of merchandize. In Majorca premises are either located in shopping malls or in buildings whereby their upper floors are inhabited.

Premisesshould be pleasant spaces for customers as well as for staff. They are found in old mansions as well as in modern buildings, always with a welcoming atmosphere. Depending on the subject of the business the design is very often baroque or equipped contemporarily with simple or rich decoration. Most businesses on Majorca invite customers to buy by their decoration, their friendly colours and their furniture.

It is the external appearance of the business premises which moves the customer to enter a particular shop. The exterior is a reliable recommendation and the shops’ windows the evidence of good taste. The ability to evoke feelings in customers is a key factor influencing the customers’ selection and initiates more future visits.


2. Location

Wherever trade is conducted in Majorca premises are present. We find luxury shops in Palma de Majorca's Calle de Jaime III as well as even in the smallest villages in the interior of the island. Premises at the coasts are highly requested as they directly benefit from the sustainable tourism sector. The premise is the typical platform for the supply and demand of goods in Majorca!


3. History

Since man has recognised the need to settle somewhere and to trade locally premises exist. This took place mainly for strategic reasons coincidentally with abandoning the need to draw from market to market. The traditional premise is a place for the family from which habitually buying clients are operated. The families are well known and respected in the districts and municipalities. They are part of the social ecosystem, culture and economy of the location!

A new look at the business premises arose with the creation of shopping centres. Majorca’s shopping centres appeared only a few years ago. In Palma de Majorca they emerged over the last years during in the 1970-ties and have found their market place and customer acceptance. There may be companies (Corte del Inglés, Palma de Majorca) that consume most of a shopping mall itself. However, this is rare in other parts of Spain. Companies realize a wide variety of business ideas in shopping malls. Typically, shopping malls in Majorca offer shops for clothes, pet shops, bars, restaurants and a variety of other economic focuses.


4. Pros and Cons

Buyingor renting a business premise is an important investment into the future. The return on investment depends directly on the success of the business idea. It is extremely important that the premise in question fits perfectly into the entrepreneurial activities envisaged. Sometimes it is difficult to find a property that matches exactly the prospective customer needs. Therefore it is particularly important to possess a sound information base regarding customer frequency and types of customers.


5. Perspectives and Investor Relations

Buying a business premise usually increases the capital invested and consequently represents an active asset in the present and the future. Not all entrepreneurs are the owners of the premises in which they work. Often business activities are conducted in properties on a rental basis.


Nova Real Estate Agencyhas many years of experience with commercial real estate in Majorca and would be happy to serve you to find a suitable object. You will find a selection of our offer in our digital catalogue under business premises in Majorca.



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