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The name of Selva first appeared documented as a farmhouse (alcheria Xilvar) in the book known as the Llibre del Repartiment (1232). Some etymologists claim that it comes from Latin Silva or forest. Others on the other hand, consider that the name comes from pre-Roman times (Sèlver) or, also that the name is of proto-European origin from ‘silver’.
In the Muslim age, the present village of Selva was situated within the boundaries of the municipality of Inca and had an extension of ‘XXX jobadas’. With the distribution and sharing out of the island of Mallorca, the King Jaume I gave the village to two nobles, Pere Nunis and Pere Laí, half to each one.
The village is traditionally divided into the neighbourhoods of Camarata, Valella and Es Puig. This division can be found documented in the XIV century and may have its origin in the urban reorganization by the Christian settlers during the second half of the XIII century.

Soon, the farmhouse of Selva became the most important nucleus of the region. This euphoric climate in demography and economy was accompanied by a decisive institutional fact: the foundation in the year 1300, by the King Jaume II of Mallorca, of the village of Selva.


Apart from the nucleus of Selva, the municipality has another four localities:

Caimari: The second nucleus in size of population, situated on the slopes of the Tramuntana Mountain Range. Its olive Fair "Feria de la aceituna" in the month of November and the International Festival of Antique Music, (at the same time of year) prompted and organized by Tomeu Seguí Campins (harpsichordist), are the two outstanding calendar events of the year. In the Festival many well-known people have performed such as Gustav Leonhardt (2008).

Moscari: The third nucleus of the municipality situated between Selva and Campanet. The outstanding calendar events are the festivities which take place in the last week of August.

Biniamar: The fourth nucleus of the municipality situated between Selva and Lloseta. Its outstanding feature is its church dating back to the beginning of the XX century promoted by Antonio Maura but when he was no longer in the government, the building came to a stop and was not finished.

Binibona: The smallest nucleus of the municipality and which is situated between Caimari and Campanet and stands out for its quantity of agro tourisms in the middle of dense forests, as well as for the remains of what was in the XIX century a botanical garden.

Places of interest

Its outstanding feature is the Gothic church of the XIII century dedicated to the patron saint of the village, San Lorenzo, and which according to popular belief, its highest point is the same altitude as the ‘Plaza de Lluc’ (Lluc Square).



The road connections with Palma and the rest of Mallorca are guaranteed thanks to the service run by the company the TIB, Transport de les Illes Balears.

Golf Courses

The nearest installations to Selva for the playing of this noble sport are those of Golf Pollensa and Golf de Aucanada.


Special Events

Fiesta de la Cruz – 3rd of May. Typical dances and the blessing of the new fruits. Popular functions. Local market and a typical meal prepared with snails.

San Lorenzo – 10th of August. Music and dances typical of Mallorca. Stands with samples of cooking and confectionery and it all ends with a popular evening meal, to which the Town Hall supplies the tables and chairs as well as a digestive ‘sangría’.


Selva has to be passed through to get to Lluc. For this reason, Selva is for many people of Mallorca a known, but at the same time, an unknown locality. It has a wild and natural beauty and within its municipal boundaries there are a lot of wild forests together with other hamlets which are like the villages in the region where the illustrious hidalgo (Don Quixote) was born.

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