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Santa Margalida


With regards to the etymology, Santa Margalida is a name of Catalonian origin, which substituted in the XIII century, the antique one of Hiachat. Both the north and northeast of Mallorca are rich in talaiotic archaeological findings. Only in the municipality of Santa Margalida there are 153 excavations which show that this region had been inhabited since remote times. The locality has the same name as the church of Santa Margarita documented in the year 1241.

Of the pre-talaoitic period there are many caves conserved, that were used as dwellings or a place for burials. The Roman period is characterized by the continuity in the location of sites. During the Islamic age, the region belonged to juz´ of Muruh. The Catalonian expedition dominated all the territory without any difficulty. (1230). In the official book Llibre del repartiment de Mallorca (1232) the concession of the lands to Ponç Hug, the Count of Ampurias is documented.


Santa Margarita has border lines with the municipalities of María de la Salud, Muro, Artá, Petra and Ariany. Its other two nucleuses of population are the coastal regions of Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina.

Places of interest

Necropolis of Son Real. The public estate of Son Real is situated on the northeast coast of Mallorca, in the municipality of Santa Margarita. Within its surface area of 395 hectares there are some important archaeological, ethnographic and natural remains, which make it a great open-air museum.


As far as agrarian production is concerned, the region outstands for its production of cereals, as well as for its production of nuts, such as the almond nut and carobs as well as its vineyards and its olives. In the question of livestock, the production of sheep and goats are the most outstanding, although there is also some production of porcine and fowl. There also exists a great fondness for the breeding of horses, mainly for sport and recreational activities. There are some companies of transformation of agrarian products, as well as for the production of wine.

The most outstanding industry of the municipality is without doubt that of the tourist sector and the services that go with it, mainly concentrated in the locality of Can Picafort, the only place in the municipality which also has an industrial estate.



The road connection with Palma de Mallorca and the rest of Mallorca are guaranteed thanks to the service that the company TIB, Transport de les Illes Balears, offers.

Golf Courses

The nearest installations for the practice of this noble sport in Santa Margalida are those of Golf de Alcanada and those of Golf Pollensa. 

Special Events

One of the most popular festivities of the island of Mallorca and which has been declared of ‘touristic interest’ is the procession of the Beata Sor Catalina Thomàs, a celebration that takes place in the village of Santa Margalida the first week-end of the month of September.
Although the festivity timetable lasts for several days and covers many activities, the big day is Saturday and is called the Dissabte de la Beata, when in the afternoon a bouquet of flowers is offer to the monument of the saint and at night time there is a special popular dance for all.
The following day, Sunday known as, Diumenge de la Beata, is the central day of the festivities. Early Sunday morning, the devils who participate in the festivities prepare themselves to run through the streets of the village awakening all the neighbours with the sound of the cow bells that are sown to their garments. Half way through the morning a Mass is celebrated and the devils wait outside the church for the saint and her escort (represented by a young girl and her attendants) to begin running around the streets and surroundings. At night time a folkloric/religious procession is celebrated in which many peasants and several wagons participate, which represent different times in the life of the saint. Hundreds of earthenware jars are given out amongst the public which the devils try to snatch from them and then break them with a lot of noise at the feet of the youngster who is representing the saint.


Santa Margalida is a locality of Mallorca that has great charm. It is full of the traditional Mallorcan character of olden times, as can be seen in its church, streets and squares. In the area of Can Picafort a large number of hotels can be found, a beautiful beach with a magnificent promenade and places for an excellent night-life. Son Serra de Marina is a coastal village with an almost virgin beach and extensive sand dunes in some parts. In this way, it can be said that the municipality of Santa Margalida has an ample offer in as far as nucleus of population refers, which is one of its great attractions.

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