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Santa Eugenia


The municipality of Santa Eugenia is named after the farmhouse of Bernat de Santa Eugenia, a small medieval nucleus of population in the Islamic Age corresponding to the name of the farmhouse called Benibazari.

The talaiotic culture is to be seen for the deposit of “des Rafal”, where there is a large circular talaiot. The locality was inhabited by the tribe of the zanata, which did not put up any opposition to the Christian conquest of Jaime I de Aragón, who dominated all the territory without difficulty. In the official book called the Libro del Repartimiento de Mallorca, the concession is documented of part of the lands of Santa Eugènia to Bernat of Santa Eugènia, who was the ruler of Mallorca. In the XIII century and until the XIX century, Santa Eugènia belonged, administratively speaking to Santa Maria del Camí.

In the XV century, Santa Eugènia already had a small nucleus of houses, with not much distance in between them and a square. Until then, it had maintained a social and economic structure dynamized by the main farmhouses and “rafales”. In the Revolt of the “Germanies”, the majority of the “taujans” participated including the main owners. The defeat of the “Germanies” meant the payment of large fines and indemnifications for the inhabitants of Santa Eugènia. Between the years 1583 and 1585, in the village of Santa Eugènia, a temple was built, a sure sign of growth in the population, which before travelled to the parish church of Santa Maria for the Eucharistic.

In June of the year 1813 a division was made between the municipal area of Santa María del Camí and that of Santa Eugénia. The absolutist restoration of Fernando VII abolished the new municipality and restored Santa Eugènia to Santa María once again. The municipal independence was finally achieved in the year 1843, after overcoming the resistance of de Santa María.


The road connections with Palma and the rest of Mallorca are guaranteed thanks to the service offered by the bus/coach company TIB,Transport de les Illes Balears.

Aquatic Sports

Santa Eugènia is to be found near Palma, so, the nearest installations to the Balearic capital are the most ideal for the practise of nautical sports. These are the Real Club Náutico de Palma, Escuela de vela Calanova and Club Náutico de Portitxol.

Golf Courses

The nearest installations for the playing of this noble sport are those of Golf Park Puntiró.


Santa Eugènia conserves the traditional character of an interior Mallorcan region. Its hospitable and pleasant locals, its streets, bars and squares conspire together to make the place cosy and charming, where one can enjoy an anthological peace and a good glass of local wine in its different establishments.


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