Apartments of 2, 3, 4 bedrooms for sale, garage, storage room, Palma de Majorca.

  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 2
  • Built Area 83 m²
  • Plot -
  • Terraces 5 m²
  • Swimming Pool Yes
  • Parking Yes empty
  • Sale price Price
  • 270,000 € Available

Property Description

This is a project of 104 apartments with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms besides a garage parking space and a storage room for sale in the area of Amanecer, in Palma de Majorca. The promotion disposes of a swimming pool on the roof of the building, a children´s playground, Mediterranean gardens as well as community premises to celebrate special moments.
All apartments offer at least 2 complete bathrooms, one of them en suite, as well as differentiated areas for day and night: the kitchen and the living room have been projected towards the outside of the urbanization. The private terraces of the penthouses are accessed directly from the penthouses themselves. Come and enjoy this beautiful outdoor space of about 30 m² and its fabulous views.

Locality and places of interest

Since the middle of the last century Palma de Majorca has become a locality that has intelligently known how to conserve its rich cultural and architectural heritage, without forgetting to offer the best services possible to tourists and residents. The city is well-known for its varied offer of art galleries and museums as well as for its excellent shopping in one of the countless fashionable designer boutiques.



Apartments are the perfect option for those who prefer an urban lifestyle. From studios to lofts, from ground floor apartments to flats and penthouses, they are all characterised by their location in the capital, in other urban areas or in coastal zones. A very common feature in Mallorca is the offer of apartments in antique buildings and palaces of Palma’s nobility and bourgeoisie, many of them with marvellous patios. In other cases, apartments are located in residential complexes, enjoying a large number of community facilities.


The most sought-after type of properties are villas in Mallorca. The range covered by this property type offers something for all tastes and goes from a Mediterranean style to a modern or avant-garde character, always adorned with luxurious details and constructed with the best materials. Many times, the views are spectacular, whether to the sea, the mountains or just over places of unique beauty. Many of those properties are located in exclusive residential areas such as Son Vida or Puerto de Andratx and its surroundings.


The most typical feature of a finca is its situation in the interior of the island, always on a rustic plot. Many fincas have a long history and some of them are formally listed. In the same way, modern fincas can maintain a traditional architecture, where structure and appearance pay homage to the Mallorcan culture. This property type is ideal for lovers of the rural life and for those looking for absolute tranquillity.


Available units

UnitBedroomsBathroomsPriceBuilt AreaExt. Area
Portal 2 1ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 322.000€ 98m² 12m²
Portal 2 3ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 303.000€ 80m² 9m²
Portal 2 3ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 434.000€ 115m² 12m²
Portal 2 4ºA- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 401.000€ 80m² 59m²
Portal 2 4ºB- ático 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 536.000€ 115m² 61m²
Portal 3 1ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 284.000€ 80m² 10m²
Portal 3 1ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 326.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 3 2ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 341.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 3 2ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 340.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 3 3ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 356.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 3 3ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 356.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 3 4ºA- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 460.000€ 97m² 61m²
Portal 3 4ºB- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 457.000€ 97m² 54m²
Portal 4 1ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 495.000€ 139m² 25m²
Portal 4 1ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 306.000€ 97m² 7m²
Portal 4 1ºC bedrooms 2 bathrooms 362.000€ 113m² 12m²
Portal 4 1ºD bedrooms 2 bathrooms 270.000€ 83m² 5m²
Portal 4 1ºE bedrooms 2 bathrooms 365.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 4 2ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 430.000€ 121m² 25m²
Portal 4 2ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 321.000€ 97m² 7m²
Portal 4 2ºC bedrooms 2 bathrooms 390.000€ 114m² 11m²
Portal 4 2ºD bedrooms 2 bathrooms 292.000€ 83m² 5m²
Portal 4 2ºE bedrooms 2 bathrooms 380.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 4 3ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 450.000€ 121m² 25m²
Portal 4 3ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 342.000€ 97m² 7m²
Portal 4 3ºC bedrooms 2 bathrooms 410.000€ 114m² 11m²
Portal 4 3ºD bedrooms 2 bathrooms 298.000€ 83m² 5m²
Portal 4 3ºE bedrooms 2 bathrooms 395.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 4 4ºA- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 565.000€ 121m² 69m²
Portal 4 4ºB- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 457.000€ 97m² 63m²
Portal 4 4ºC- ático 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 530.000€ 114m² 84m²
Portal 4 4ºD- ático 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 323.000€ 83m² 5m²
Portal 4 4ºE- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 507.000€ 111m² 60m²
Portal 8 1ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 309.000€ 97m² 9m²
Portal 8 2ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 320.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 8 3ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 335.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 8 3ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 336.000€ 97m² 10m²
Portal 8 4ºA- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 445.000€ 97m² 61m²
Portal 9 1ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 445.000€ 131m² 22m²
Portal 9 1ºC bedrooms 2 bathrooms 363.000€ 113m² 12m²
Portal 9 1ºE bedrooms 2 bathrooms 350.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 9 2ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 389.000€ 111m² 27m²
Portal 9 2ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 319.000€ 97m² 7m²
Portal 9 2ºC bedrooms 2 bathrooms 384.000€ 115m² 11m²
Portal 9 3ºE bedrooms 2 bathrooms 370.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 9 3ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 333.000€ 97m² 7m²
Portal 9 3ºC bedrooms 2 bathrooms 403.000€ 115m² 11m²
Portal 9 3ºD bedrooms 2 bathrooms 286.000€ 81m² 5m²
Portal 9 3ºE bedrooms 2 bathrooms 388.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 9 4ºC- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 438.000€ 114m² 12m²
Portal 9 4ºD- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 317.000€ 82m² 5m²
Portal 9 4ºE- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 490.000€ 111m² 60m²
Portal 10 1ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 362.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 10 1ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 470.000€ 132m² 25m²
Portal 10 2ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 380.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 10 2ºB bedrooms 2 bathrooms 402.000€ 112m² 25m²
Portal 10 3ºA bedrooms 2 bathrooms 400.000€ 111m² 14m²
Portal 10 4ºA- ático bedrooms 2 bathrooms 510.000€ 111m² 63m²
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Property location

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