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Porto Petro - Santanyi

Outstanding Features

This name, Porto Petro, can be found in documents which date back to the year 1281 and 1298 when defining the boundaries of certain country estates which bordered with the road which went to Porto Petro from Santanyi.

Porto Petro - which the inhabitants of this region pronounce as Porto Petra - it is an efficient port, similar to Porto Colom, although smaller in size, very near Cala d'Or and Cala Mondragó.

Aquatic Activities

Porto Petro is not only an exceptional enclave where one can rest and spend the summer, but it is also a place to enjoy the passion for sailing thanks to its sports club, the Real Club Náutico de Porto Petro.

Golf Courses

The nearest installations to Porto Petro for the practice of this noble sport are those of Vall d’Or Golf.


There are few sensations to be compared to that of walking along the tranquil and beautiful entrance to the sea which Porto Petro causes. A number of classical sea vessels, with bars and restaurants next to the sea, a sublime and pleasant walk and the charm of finding oneself in one of the most enchanting marine sports of the Balearic Islands, are its letter of recommendation.

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