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1. History

The name of the town probably has some connection with the existence of a bridge over the Torrent known as Torrente Grande, on the motorway which connects Palma with Inca. The likely necessity to build a bridge to get over this natural obstacle to be able to get to another important nucleus of the island such as Inca seems to be the cause from where the town gets its name: Pont d'Inca (Bridge to Inca in Catalan). At the beginning of the century, Es Pont d'Inca stood out above the rest of the population areas of the municipality due to the fact that the arrival of the train propitiated commercial activities.

2. Geography

Its boundaries are the borderline for the municipality of Palma and to which it has its main connections via the local motorway the Ma-13ª and from which it is separated through a natural frontier as is the Torrent with the name of Torrente Grande (Torrent Gros). At present the town is made up of an antique   urban nucleus built up on both sides of the main avenue named Avenida principal Antoni Maura. This original nucleus is known as Pont d'Inca Vell. In fact, several areas of the town, (Sa Cabana, Pont d'Inca Nou, Pont d'Inca Parc) have grown to such an extent in population and extension that many considered them to be independent of the original antique nucleus and they have their own local festivities, although officially they belong to it.

2.1 Its place on the map

Look to see the whereabouts on the map of this municipality which belongs to Marratxí.

3. Places of interest

The main architectural lure is the church with the name Iglesia de San Alonso Rodríguez situated in the centre of the town. It was designed by the famous architect Gaspar Bennazar in the XX century and is dedicated to San Alonso Rodríguez, Santa Catalina Tomàs and the devout Ramón Llull.

Historical Buildings: Ca ses Monges Franceses, posada (inn) Son Sales, Cas Metge Suau, Can Fluixà and Can Moragues.

Old textile factory of Ses Llistes. Nowadays it has been converted into the school of the name Es Liceu.

Aerodrome of Son Bonet, situated between Pont d'Inca and Pla de Na Tesa.

Sa Farinera: In the year 1880 the company of "Harinera Mallorquina" or "Harinera Balear", asked the architect Eusebio Estada to build a large factory in the main Avenue of the town of Pont d'Inca. With its seven floors it became the highest building of the island and as a curiosity, it had as many windows as the year has days, 365. The company was dedicated to the transportation of flour, cereals and to wine vats. It gained in importance when it bought two sea vessels called Cataluña y Balear to export wine to France due to the philoxera disease which had affected the vineyards of this country. The cause of its success was to be the same as its bankruptcy in the year 1895 when the philoxera affected Mallorca.  The building, formerly considered the highest of the island, was demolished in the year 1915 only its characteristic chimney was left standing, which today still outstands for its height over the other buildings in the area because their height is conditioned by their proximity to the aerodrome. At present, the lands are now occupied by the wine cellar Bodega Suau and by the ice-cream manufacturers Helados La Menorquina.

Bodegas Suau: Liquor factory which elaborated the Brandy 1851, a real treasure for the palate, a large part of its production is exported. They also elaborate the drinks ‘hierbas dulces and secas’ sweet and dry herbs which are distilled and are a typical product of Mallorca. The factory is to be found on the lands where once the flour company had their factory Sa Farinera. In the year 1951, Frederic Suau, a marine merchant founded the Bodegas Suau. They are also known as ‘those of the little boat’, as there is a sailing vessel on the label with the name of El Mallorquín of which Frederic Suau was the owner. There is also a small museum where it is possible to see some of the stills used in the distillery but which are no longer in use, the original well of the factory from the XIX century as well as the distillery of the well-known Majorcan Brandy. Recently, a tunnel of about 45 metres long has been discovered in the wine cellars which was the former basement of Sa Farinera which communicated with the characteristic chimney.

4. Education

The locality has two schools, La Salle de Pont d'Inca and the Colegio Santa Teresa both with secondary education levels. There is also a Primary School called Santa Catalina Tomàs also known as the Monjas Agustinas. Look on the map to see their whereabouts.

5. Transport

The Ma-13ª motorway connects with the municipality of Palma de Mallorca and which has the name of Avenida Antonio Maura when it passes through Pont d’Inca and which also connects Palma with the population of Inca, in the centre of Mallorca.

On the train of the rail line which connects Palma-Inca-Sa Pobla of the company SFM (Servicios Ferroviarios de Mallorca or Railway Services of Mallorca). It is the first station outside of the municipality of Palma.

The number 3 bus of the company EMT de Palma (Route Pont d'Inca - Illetes) runs between these two regions passing through the Balearic capital, Palma. In Es Pont D'Inca, there are three stops and it is also the terminal of the route that starts in Illetes.

6. Sports and Entertainment

The locality has two sport installations, one is the ‘Polideportivo La Salle’ and the other is the Municipal Swimming Pool in the area known as La Cabana.

7. Golf Courses

The installations for playing the noble sport of golf are those of Golf Puntiró as well as all those near to Palma such as the Club de Golf Son Vida and Son Gual.

8. Special Events

In the church square a local market takes place every Wednesday starting at 8 o‘clock in the morning, it is a tradition that has been going on for many years.

At the end of July, the festivities of Santa Catalina Thomàs take place, (28th of July).

The third Saturday of September every year, the Pujada a Lluc (walk to the Monastery Lluc) which is a smaller version, in as much as kilometres are concerned, of the classic and popular walk Pujada d’es Güell a Lluc a peu (from the former Bar Güell to Lluc on foot), which sets out from Palma (antique bar Güell). In Marratxí, tradition talks about more than twenty editions and consists of a trip by bus to Inca and a pilgrimage from there on foot until the Monastery of Lluc is reached.

Fiestas de Sant Antoni: In the Festivities of Sant Antoni, they celebrate with bonfires in the street and the cooking of certain meats for the people present to eat.

Fiestas de carnaval y Sa Rueta: In the month of February for the carnival, a series of events are organized, ending in the traditional ‘Rúa’ with its typical carnival fleets that parade all through the streets of the municipality of Marratxí.

Cabalgata de Reyes: In January there is a small procession of the three Kings (wise men) who took their presents to the infant child, celebrated in Pont d'Inca.

9. Impressions

Pont d’Inca has an excellent road connection, being only seven minutes away from Palma de Mallorca, it constitutes one of the main residential zones of the island. Within the boundaries of the municipality, very near to Pont d’Inca, the commercial centre Alcampo and Festival Park can be found, with a multiplex service, restaurants and a number of outlet shops.

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