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The town of Pollensa gives all the people who want to visit the town, the possibility of enjoying marvellous views over the sea and mountain as well as an ample list of cultural activities and services. There are beautiful places to admire such as the ‘Calvario’ or the Roman Bridge, posterior to the I century over the Torrent of Sant Jordi, the interesting municipal museum, the Music Festival, the large number of exhibitions of art... all these make it attractive, and full of history and colour for the person who decides to visit the nucleus of Pollensa.

1. History

Pollensa was founded in the year 1229 by the Catalonian conqueror King Jaume I, who brought Christianity to the island. The night of the 30th to 31st of May in the year 1550, was a very significant date for the village and all its future generations. On this prophetical night the Moorish troops of the pirate Dragut attacked the village. Joan Mas the leader of the counter-attack organized a skirmish followed by a battle imploring help from the Virgin against the pirates and shouting out ‘Mare de Déu dels Àngels, assistiu-nos que els pirates ja són aqui!’(‘Mother of God of the Angels; help us because the pirates are already here). The result was the victory of the Christians of Pollensa.

2. Geography

Pollensa is to be found in the northeast part of Mallorca.It is the most northern point of Mallorca and for this reason it is a reference point as the north for all of Mallorca. Where is Pollensa? This is the question that all the Mallorcans ask when they need to know where the north is. It is to be found at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountain Range. Pollensa has the charm of the Mediterranean villages that have wisely adapted to modern times. In its narrow and old streets, you can enjoy the best services for the pleasure of residents and foreigners alike.

2.1 Its place on the map

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3. Outstanding Features

The ‘calvario’ can be found in the urban nucleus, on a small hill on the highest part of the village where there is a small place for praying. Tradition says that the steps to get there are 365, the same number as the number of days in the year.

4. Demography

To see some interesting facts about its demography and others such as its population, please click here.

5. Economy

It is certainly worth mentioning the production of the wines known as Vinos de Mortitx. These wines are produced on the estate of Mortitx, in the heart of Tramuntana Mountain Range, in direction from Pollensa towards Lluc. These supreme broths are achieved thanks to the existence of the micro-climate, the only one in all of Mallorca, which permits that the grapes cultivated are the only ones of their kind, the same as the noble wine that is produced.

6. Education

Look on the link to see its whereabouts and some of the websites of the Education Centres in this municipality.

7. Transport

Pollensa has a good connection with Palma de Mallorca and the rest of the island by motorway, and a passenger coach service thanks to the company TIB (Transport de les Illes Balears).

8. Sport and Entertainment

8.1 Aquatic Activities

The Port of Pollensa has one of the most impressive coastlines of all the north coast of Mallorca. Its Real Nautical Club of Port of Pollensa, with its sailing school, offers an excellent and varied range of services and a complete formation in the sailing of boats for sea lovers of all ages.

8.2 Golf Courses

The municipality of Pollensa has excellent installations for playing the noble sport of golf in the club Golf Pollensa.

9. Leisure and other Activities

To see the cultural life of Pollensa, what activities are organized, which exhibitions are shown and organized and when they are held, to see the timetable of the activities in Pollensa, please click here.

10. Events

The festivities of the patron saints of Pollensa, begin on the 26th of July, and finish on the 2nd of August. The programme of activities is very compact, including a group of giants of Mallorca and Catalonia, and many cultural and sports activities for entertainment. All this frantic activity begins on the 2nd of August at five o'clock in the morning. After the dance when the band plays the 'Alborada' in the afternoon, the action in the afternoon starts in the square known as the 'Plaza de la Almoina', with the meeting of Juan Mas, the leader of the Christians and Dragut with his deputy, chief of the Ottomans. So at 19.00 hours, after the famous shout of Joan Mas imploring for help to the Virgin, "Mother of God of the Angels, help us the pirates are already here!", the long awaited battle between the Moors and the Christians takes place. On arriving at the church of Sant Jordi, another combat takes place which represents the liberation of women, men and children which the Moors had imprisoned there. The battle continues until they arrive at the old football field, where the last confrontation takes place. After the victory, Juan Mas picks up the corsair flag of the half-moon and goes towards the parish church with the rest of the Christians, where they sing a 'Tedéum' to give thanks to the Virgin for the victory. The day ends in the Plaza Mayor with an interpretation of 'l'Alborada' and the village hymn ‘Visca Pollença!’ with a fireworks display.

11. Impressions

Pollensa is a place full of history. Those born in Pollensa realize this and are proud of being descendants of famous historical people like Joan Mas. Pollensa is a locality where the magic of the sea and mountain are lived to the full. The municipality welcomes and takes part in a great cultural life and its residents enjoy participating in it. The tranquillity of all its regions flourishes in all parts of the municipality, giving Pollensa an indescribable value.

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