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Casco antiguo – Palma de Mallorca

Casco antiguo – Palma de Mallorca

1. Outstanding Features

The historical centre, with a medieval outline of narrow, winding and devious streets, is the place where the majority of the monuments of Palma de Mallorca can be found. It is separated from the newer part of Palma by the streets known as the Avenidas which are some wide streets which occupy the place of the old walls of the renaissance period which were in ruins at the beginning of the XX century. Inside the underground parking of the Vía Roma, it is still possible to see a fragment of this old wall. In this part of the city is where the Mallorcan nobles lived, in mansions that were like palaces and were a very important part of the city. The churches and the convents were also treated with much respect and were considered an important part of the city.

The two monuments, the Seu or Catedral de Palma de Mallorca and the Palacio de la Almudaina are reflected in the waters of the artificial lake Parc de la Mar, creating a marvellous spectacle. Many years ago, the water reached the foot of the wall, until the land gained and the park and the motorway in front of it was built on an area once occupied by water. Inside the park there is a large ceramic wall with a work of the artist Joan Miró. At the foot of the Cathedral is where one can find the Ses Voltes, an area with a central patio surrounded by walls with some vaults, from which it gets its name. Behind the Cathedral, in the square known as the Plaza del Mirador, the Palacio Episcopal, is to be found. The building of this Palace was begun immediately after the creation of the Mallorcan diocesan in the year 1238. In the street called Almudaina, one can find the Puerta de la Almudaina, which is one of the doors of the old roman wall. At the foot of the Palacio de la Almudaina on its west side where there is the Avenue of Antoni Maura, is the Hort del Rei. This has been an orchard of the royal palace for many centuries, from where it gets its name. Nowadays, it is an open space, with magnificent gardens with several sculptures which one can admire.

2. Its place on the map

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3. Education

Here on the map are the Education Centres of this zone and its surrounding areas.

4. Aquatic Activities

The Bay of Palma is the most influential geographical accident of Palma, not only for the multiple touristic and industrial activities which take part in it but also for the sports activities. It is possible to do the majority of aquatic sports, especially sailing. For the practice of these sports there are in existence a variety of marine sports clubs of which the most outstanding are Real Club Náutico de Palma, Escuela de vela Calanova and Club Náutico de Portitxol, amongst others.

5. Golf Courses

For the practice of this noble sport in particular the Club de Golf Son Vida and Son Gual are impressive both for the quality of their installations as for the wide variety of services that they offer.

6. Impressions

The antique part of Palma is the centre of life for the people of Palma and the place where the landmarks of the city are, such as the Gothic Cathedral, the Palace of the Almudaina and the Plaza Mayor. Within its narrow streets and nooks and crannies, other less known jewels of our culture and architecture can be found, the noble Palaces and mansions, the majority of which are of the Renaissance period. When people think about Palma de Mallorca, what is in their minds is not the modern dynamic constructions but the antique and wise edifices. 

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Palma Palma

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