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Palaces in Majorca

1. Characteristics

Palaces in Majorca are admired by an international audience. This incredible real estate can be found in the old town or in the Gothic quarter of Palma de Majorca , but also there are some examples of it in villages in the interior parts of the island. In the past, the nobles tried to build their homesteads as close as possible to the Royal Court or the Royal residence. It was their aim to be as close as possible to the King, only for reasons of prestige. Therefore, these buildings are located close to La Seu, the Cathedral, the Almudaina Palace or the Episcopal Palace. As the bourgeoisie gained enough power and money, it was led by the same reasons: prestige. The bourgeoisie built their mansions close to the noble’s palaces, and it did it in such a way that there was an amalgamation with the noble houses. Over the years, many bourgeois have purchased palaces of the nobility and thus, their “ennobled” their surnames and business.

The mansions and palaces have a few characteristics that make them unique. What causes surprise over and over again is the entrance from the street. Imposing gates and elaborate grid protect from uninvited and prying eyes. When access is gained once, the visitor mostly finds an elaborate Majorcan arc which leads into a room, which can be covered like a porch, or open as a patio.

The Patio in the interior has usually a precious stone floor and it is precisely here in the middle or at the corner where you will find a well. The patio holds the stairway which leads to the different levels of the building. The stairway is designed in an impressive design and shows precious stonework.

On each floor there are windows, some even with bars, which look into the patio, allowing the inhabitants to know what is going on there. This design was very important for different things, which played a formative role for the epoch. In particular, persons that lacked sufficiently high rank to be treated like a noble person could be received in a protected area. It was also possible to observe who entered the property. This possession had always a tremendous impression on its visitors with their opulence, the spacious room, the Majorcan arches, the fountain, the soils, and the splendid stairs.

The interior rooms mostly “looked” at the entrance. The communal areas are spacious, comfortable, and full of light. Many of these palaces have been adapted to the needs of our time. The effect of these tags is hard to describe. Imagine a Palace of the 16th century with parquet floor, a modern kitchen, air conditioning, heating, and all the elements that make it so unique like arches, columns, fireplaces, large windows, grids, bars and much more. They are properties in which one falls in love at first sight!

Some have towers or turrets on their roofs, elements that remind of that their owners were used to dwell in castles or buildings which served the defence of the country. The rediscovery of these elements is this unique and captivating character of Majorcan palaces.


2. Location

Palaces and manor houses belong to the urban environment. They are modern and at the same time archaic jewellery for centuries. Some have a very important public function including city walls, la Catedral or Cort, where the Town Hall of Palma is located.

In the narrow streets of medieval squares with fountains and churches, on the trading venues where dealers offered the finest food and other goods for sale for centuries, one finds the palaces and mansions of Majorca. The magnificent coats of arms have given way to the insignia of families who currently live or have lived there. It is worth to lose oneself in the narrow streets of Palma and admire the walls, facades, sculptures, windows and shields decorating these properties.

A stately home or a palace is not only a single building with lot of history, but it is history of our island; it is part of our cultural, architectural, and social heritage. It is strictly speaking part of the living history of Majorca and real Majorcans.


3. History

The historical conditions that have led to the development of this property type have varied over time. But its conceptual structure has withstood time changes very well. These properties were the architectural landmark of some powerful families and clans. And still it is a question of prestige to live in a palace or stately home, even if it is in a renovated apartment.


4. Pros and Cons

The advantage of living in this type of building is to live a life in the centre, always close to shops and major venues in the city.

A disadvantage, you could mention is that this magnificent palaces and stately homes sometimes are difficult to reach, because they reside in narrow passages where it could be difficult to manoeuvre the car or motorcycle.


5. Perspectives and Investor Relations

Purchasing an apartment in a stately home or a palace surely is an asset. If renovations are required or if the object is immediately at your disposal, usually the values of these properties rise. This fact is reflected in the low supply and also in the high price.



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