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Offices and Shops in Majorca

1. Characteristics

Majorca is an island of services. Tourism enabled Majorca to change and to develop in a spectacular and quickly pacing way. It is certainly true that there is still a lack of investments, especially into public infrastructure. Majorca was and is still a place which offers unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many natural and legal persons initiated entrepreneurial activities on our island. A traditional business needs a good infrastructure to function properly. The offices and shops in Majorca are ideal locations to head towards such a business success.

These objects are usually smaller, but represent an enormous value on the market. They should be places with a positive environment where customers as well as employees feel at home and the latter see them as a vital asset of the company.

Modern, with simple and clear lines, almost minimalist or in classic style with wood panelling and impressive desks, offices and shops reflect the values of the company. Modern buildings, renovated houses or revived palaces, offices and shops have to be functional. A constant challenge for the benefit of the company and its employees is to optimize the usage of the given spaces.


2. Location

The offices and shops in Majorca are actually located within two types of environment: in the city and in industrial zones. In urban areas, offices and shops testify entrepreneurship and wealth. In the old town the shops are placed in narrow streets, along squares and occasionally in buildings of great architectural, technical, and cultural value. Alone the location opposite to the sea or a green area is inviting.

The business parks or industrial zones are relatively young. They are made to facilitate the entrepreneurial life in the towns and villages and mainly to relieve cities from their traffic. These areas fulfil a very important organizational function for our company. There are just these urban hubs where many offices and shops are located. Proximity to other companies often is a special initiative for the acquisition of new customers.


3. History

Historically, Majorca never was a place where larger transactions were dealt. Only the large investments into tourism urged Majorca to improve the infrastructure to be and stay competitive. Service rendering companies are always under the pressure of competition, aiming at meeting the markets’ demands. The service sector formed itself only with very few years. This rapid economic development resulted in the emergence of numerous offices and shops.


4. Pros and Cons

Offices face an enormous demand, of course, depending on their location. There are areas in the city where the offices of lawyers, notaries, consultants, real estate agents and other contractors are situated. The acquisition of such offices is an excellent investment. Occasionally, the establishment will not meet the wishes and needs of a modern entrepreneur but an initial investment in a renovation generally pays off!


5. Perspectives and Investor Relations

The return on investment in such a property is virtually guaranteed whereby the return is directly related to the quality of the respective entrepreneurship.



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