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Mancor de la Vall

1. History

It belonged to Selva from the conquest of the Catalonians of the island, but gained its independence in the year 1925, the same year in which it had its first Town Hall the 2nd of August.

2. Its place on the map

Look to see the whereabouts of Mancor de la Vall by clicking on the link.

3.  Outstanding Features

The church of Santa Llúcia, was declared 'Bien de Interés Cultural' (good for cultural interest) with the category of 'monument' in the year 2004. The first documental references date back to the year 1361. When the nucleus of Mancor grew and a church was built in the village, the oratory was abandoned and was given to the Town Hall of Selva in the year 1642. This action permitted a variety of changes to the building, the most outstanding being an entrance staircase in the year 1666, according to an inscription on one of the steps of the staircase.

4. Demography

To see some interesting facts about its demography and others about its population, please click here.

5. Economy

Agriculture, livestock and hunting, and especially the production of oil and charcoal, were until recent years the basis of the economy of Mancor de la Vall. Owing to its proximity to Inca, the town also has a long tradition of shoe making which has been kept up until present days.

6. Education

Look on the link to see the whereabouts of the Education Centres and some websites of the municipality of Mancor de la Vall.

7. Transport

Mancor de la Vall is very well connected to the rest of the island thanks to the company the TIB, Transport de les Illes Balears.

8. Golf Courses

The nearest installations to Mancor de la Vall towards the north, for the playing of this noble sport are the club Golf Pollensa and the club Golf de Aucanada.

9. Special Events

The small population of Mancor de la Vall celebrates yearly, the forth or last week-end of November the Fira de l'esclata-sang i de la Muntanya. It was organized in the year 2003 conjunctively between the association 'Arrels de la Vall'  and the Town Hall. Its aim is to preserve and continue the traditional mountain activities of this municipality situated at the foot of the peak known as the 'puig de Massanella', which is between the territories of the 'Serra de Tramontana' and 'Es Raiguer'.

10. Impressions

Mancor de la Vall is an interesting and cosy locality with a nostalgic taste, next to the mountains of the Sierra de Tramontana. It is of a tranquil anthological nature and a relaxed life in the middle of nature.

10.1 Images

Mancor Mancor Mancor Mancor

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