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Llucalcari is a small village within the boundaries of the municipality of Deià, in the heart of the Sierra de Tramontana. It is situated at a distance of three kilometres from the urban nucleus on the road towards Sóller and Palma de Mallorca. This picturesque locality is made of little more than a dozen houses on a not very wide zone of the mountain. Of its original five towers, three remain, those of : Casa d'Amunt, Can Simón and Can Paloni.

A curiosity that is certainly worth mentioning is that on the way down a small path towards the sea, there is a fountain of drinkable water which produces a a type of clay or mud, this natural product is used by the bathers to cover their bodies, as many claimed that it has therapeutic properties.

Golf Courses

For the practice of this sport in particular the golf club called Golf Son Termens is excellent both for the quality of its installations as well as for the services it offers.


Llucalcari is the typical 'lost' village of Mallorca. Very few people find this extremely small and coquette village. The quality of its water and the siting form unforgettable memories for those who are fortunate enough to enjoy its peace.

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