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Of the history of Inca the most outstanding part is the title of when it was given the title of 'city' which was conceded in the year 1900, by the Regent Queen María Cristina: 'Wanting to give evidence of My Royal appreciation of the village of Inca of the Balearic province for its increase in population and development of its agriculture, industry and commercial activities and constant loyalty to the Monarchy, in name of my son Augusto Don Alfonso XIII and as Regent of the Kingdom, I grant the title of 'city'. Conceded in Palace the 13 of March of the year 1900. I the Regent Queen'.


Inca is to be found in the central part of Majorca, where it is locally called, 'el pla' or 'lo llano' (flat), very near to the Tramuntana Mountain Range.

Outstanding Features

The parish church of Santa Maria la Major of Inca of Baroque style was built in the year 1248. The present church dates back to the XVIII and is the third one which occupies the same site. On the inside there is a Gothic painting of Joan Daurer of the year 1373.

Other places of interest in the municipality of Inca are the Convento Dominicano de Santo Domingo, the Church of San Francisco and its cloister, the Puig de Santa Magdalena and the Convento de Sant Bartomeu.


Inca is a city known for its shoe industry and its leather industry, with brand names such as Barrats, Lottusse, Cámper, George’s, Farrutx y Munper. The food industry also plays an important role in Inca thanks to companies such as Can Guixe and Quely, famous for its 'ensaimadas' and biscuits made with oil which are very traditional in Majorca.


Inca has its own train and bus stations, situated very close together. The means of transport offer a very good regular service with Palma and the rest of the island.

Sport and Entertainment

Inca has a prestigious level as far as sport is concerned. Two well-known teams have their head office in this municipality: the Bàsquet Inca and the Constància.

Golf Courses

The nearest installations to Inca for the playing of this noble sport are the Golf Pollensa and the Golf de Aucanada.

Special Events

The weekly market which takes place every Thursday enjoys a certain fame and once a year Dijous Bo or 'Good Thursday' is celebrated, this occurs the second Thursday in the month of November. It brings people from all over the island and many companies take advantage to show and display their products. The night before there is what is known as Dimecres Bo or 'Good Wednesday' in which many activities take place such as concerts and other interesting events.


Inca is to be found in the busiest 'crossroads' of Mallorca, between Alcudia and its port and Palma, this makes it an attractive and tempting place to live because it is near to many important places and it is at the same distance from Manacor as it is from Palma. Inca has an important value in itself, during the last few years the different governments have converted Inca into a city with excellent services, plenty of green zones, wide avenues and a very dynamic centre.


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