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Hotels in Majorca

1. Features

Majorca is a worldwide tourist resort thanks to the amount of money inverted hereon a daily basis to ensure the utmost in tourist satisfaction in all its areas. What most attract people to Majorca is not only its beautiful beaches, its monuments and its wonderful gastronomy but also its hotel service that will always course a big impression on all those who visit us and it is this, to a great extent, on which the return of many visitors depends.

There are a great variety of hotels in Majorca,all depending on their location. So we are speaking about urban hotels, rural hotels and those on the coast. Each type of hotel has its own type of client. Each type of client opts for a certain type of hotel according to his/her necessities, which range from holiday making to business trips. All of which are determined by its rural, coastal or urban surroundings.

The majority of the urban hotels are to be found in Palma itself, the capital of the Balearic Islands. These hotels are usually welcoming and not too large in size. They always have perfect installations and offer a very efficient service. The most important commitment of these types of hotels is to provide a place to relax for all those who decide to explore our main urban area which is Palma Majorca.

It is also quite typical in Palma to find hotels of a coastal nature in the urban part and in the area of Paseo Maritimo for the obvious reason that they are adjacent to the southern coast of Majorca. The hotels on the coastal areas out-number by far the other types of hotels, at least as far as our geographical regionis concerned. They generally have a lot of rooms which are designed to cover the needs of the many tourists who come to Majorca in search of the topical “sun, sea and sand”.  Apart from offering the usual classical services, many include a spa for relaxing purposes. We have no doubt that the main attraction which brings the tourists here are the beaches. On arriving at the Airport of Son San Juan, people may make use of the “rent a car” service, and then head directly for their hotel. The beach, time permitting, will surely be their next stop. Rural hotels have become popular here only in recent years. Some of these hotels are housed in old Majorcan estates or mansions with plenty of land space. They are set in beautiful natural surroundings either close to the mountain range or on the plains and are usually small in size with only a few rooms, although, what they offer is an excellent service in a traditional personalized and extremely cosy ambience. Some of these establishments offer extra off the book activities such as trekking, cycling, culinary or even agricultural activities, which are now a very popular alternative to the usual sunny beaches and days in the sun. This new range of rural hotels has opened the door to a new line of business and has made it possible for the owners to maintain them and make them profitable.

2 Localization

The quiet narrow streets and the old historical part of Palma are the places where these establishments are to be found and they offer accommodation, a bed for the night and a simple but nourishing meal to those who seek it.From the dining rooms and rooms of these hotels you have a magnificent view of our well-known gothic styled Cathedral and the roof tops of the immediate neighbourhood. The comings and goings of the passers-by can also be heard, which is a vital sign of life in the city.

The high impressing compact hotels on the coast, many of them with screening walls, and facing the Mediterranean, are the “cream of the crop” of all the different types of hotels to be found in Majorca. Their wide open spaces provide multiple services which are sometimes personalized to suit the taste of each distinguished guest. It is the view of the beautiful sea and golden sand that can be seen from the hotel balconies or from the terraces with the swimming pool that predominates and prevails in this kind of hotel.

In many mansions set in the mountains, valleys or plains, the rural hotels are points of reference for those tourists interested in other aspects of Majorca. The view of the rocks in the mountains, an isolated green meadow, a street in front of a village church or a square , a market are the scenes that the guests in a rural hotel are looking for.

The purchase of a hotel in Majorca is an optional future project, both the national and international tourists carefully choose where to spend their holidays. Ahotel is always a place of memories and sensations, of friendships, a relaxing comfortable place to spend your leisure time. The airport in Majorca, in comparison to the hotels, is a place which offers services such as the “rent a car”, but it doesn’t awake these sensations and feelings in our tourists. The whole infrastructure of tourism depends on the all-important first and last impressions of our visitors, who normally look for flights and trips to Majorca to enjoy their holiday.

3 History

The history of modern hotels is very recent. Dating back to the second half of the 20th century, it has brought about important changes to our island. But the history of the business of hospitality as a purchasable service is as old asmankind. Our modern hotels are the evolution of the old inns and taverns where people made a stop in their journey for refreshment and a bed for the night before continuing their journey.  The hotels which we see in the cities, mountains and villages are the modern heirs of the necessities of the traveller who, nowadays, mainly travels for holidays.

4 Advantages and disadvantages

The different types of hotels such as city hotels, coastal and rural hotels all involve certain advantages and disadvantages. The great advantage of this type of establishment is its great value as far as an economic future is concerned, depending on the condition or state in which the property is in. As a disadvantage, we could say that the maintenance and conservation of a hotel of ensuring its perfect condition, is a fact which hardly ever is, economically speaking, of little impact.

5 What to expect from your inversion

The hotels of Majorca, on an economic level, are its past, its present and its future. Becoming an owner of a hotel whether it is a rural, urban or coastal hotel, is an investment which the individual person or society who acquires it will benefit from in 2 very distinct ways. On the one hand, economic benefits will be obtained from the investment during the productive period of the property. On the other hand, the inversion will be multiplied infinitely on the sale of the property when so desired or when the moment is right. All in all, the inversion has many guarantees of success. So with the inevitable passing of time, the inversion will achieve a smaller or larger rate of profit, owing to your intelligent inversion.


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