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Cottages and Fincas in Majorca

1. Features

Majorca offers a great variety of properties all over the island and covers a large range of different types of properties. The rustic country estates, which are of genuine Majorcan origin, were the core of social and cultural Majorcan life and they also gave birth to many of our present towns and villages. The country house in its grounds belongs to and is a vital part of Majorcan tradition. The landhouses are usually located very near to villages, solitary mountainous regions or the sea, the capital city or coastal areas. The country estate is by right property of the Balearic Islands. Owing to their unique and authentic character, they are always to be found in surroundings where Mother Nature has cast her spell.

These residences in Catalan are known as ‘possessio’ which indicates that it belongs to, is possessed by a gentleman or Noble man. These ‘possessions’ are usually comprised of the main mansion house, another building for the storage of farm implements, tools, and animals and all of these set within an enormous plot of fertile land, either flat land or land in the mountain regions. Curiously, destiny played an unexpected role as far as the future of these properties and their owners were concerned. At the end of the XIX century it was the custom for the men of the family to inherit the more valuable, fertile lands in the country and mountainous areas which were considered the wealth of Majorca, while the women of the family inherited the less fertile and not so valued sandy areas mainly on the coast which apparently did not have much economic value. When the tourist boom hit Majorca with its consequent economic inversion in tourism, it was the women who prospered economically, as it turned out in time that the sandy zones of the coastal districts were the ones that were to have a great economic and profitable value.

The authentic traditional Majorcan architecture radiates in these magnificent estates. The typical Majorcan arches, the visible wooden beams with arched ceilings, the fired clay flooring and the down to earth basic but highly functional furnishings are the elements that make up these lovely edifices. On the outside, an area is always reserved for leisure which usually includes a swimming pool, solarium, ample porches, terraces, a barbecue area and a garden. Many of these properties often have the added value of lands that can be used for cultivating crops, with fruit trees or forests, once well- loved and coveted, now only a living memory of our Majorcan history and culture.

The buildings which are part of these properties were built and raised through a lot of physical effort and thanks to the use of the most noble materials, stone, “marés” which is a large whitish type of brick used in Majorca and the best quality woods. In fact depending on the area where the estate is located, such as Santanyi, Esporles, or Bunyola, a certain product has been used more than another depending on its availability in that area. “Marés” is common to all parts of Majorca, but the stone of Binissalem or Santanyi is highly considered both technically and aesthetically speaking. Many of our country mansions have been reformed and refurbished with the intention of adapting them to modern day life. The results are magnificent totally impressive properties which maintain their traditional elements such as fireplaces, the ovens for baking home-made bread, but at the same time enjoying all the modern comforts and commodities that are part of today’s life.

2. Where they are to be found

The coast, valleys and mountain ridges of Majorca are the ideal places where some of the best of our country homes are to be found. Set in peaceful areas, the charm that the mansions near the coastline have is simply overwhelming due to the magical vision of the sea and seascape before them. In those that are situated in the mountain areas the vision of the sea is an element that once again is to be seen as is the unique presence of Mother Nature in all her glory. In this way, many of our country homes relish in the rugged mountain rocks in their natural, beautiful and whimsical form in the midst of the beautiful different bluish tones of the Mediterranean. To acquire a country mansion in Majorca does not only  mean owning a phenomenal property, it also means becoming part of our history, which is written in the stone and written in nature, which are all part of the same miracle.

One thing to bear in mind when obtaining a property of this dimension is its proximity to the airport of Palma de Mallorca, Son San Juan. The airport offers several services one of which is “rent a car”. This factor will condition and help you make your final decision on a purchase of such calibre. So, deciding on several journeys of flights to Majorca for various months of the year will become a necessary reality.

When focusing on our tourism policy, the most important point to be taken into account is the question of hotels. The immense majority of the tourists that visit Majorca are looking for our beautiful sandy beaches, so our top quality hotels and the beauty of our beaches are the two most important factors when convincing our holiday makers about purchasing a country mansion on the island.

3.  History

Some of the mansions in question do not only have their own history, but they also acclaim the history of Majorca. As well as the palaces and noble mansions in the towns and cities themselves, these country homes have given birth to villages such as Capdellà, the living quarters of the people who worked on the estate or at the “big house”. These country homes had nothing to envy those in the towns, as they were just as noble and distinguished. In time, the land was divided into smallholdings and some of the buildings became obsolete and ruined due to lack of care and attention.

Nowadays there are still some of these rustic mansions and estates which still conserve their former majestic appearance; an example of one is Raixa.

4. Advantages and disadvantages

On the one hand, the peace and tranquillity of the country, the sea views the mountain and the land and the total privacy with all the comforts and commodities of modern life are the selling assets and blessings of these types of properties. On the other hand, some of these properties are in solitary places of difficult access and it is not always easy to reach the nearest town.

5. What to expect from your inversion.

Country estates have two future possibilities. One is that the land could be used for agricultural purposes and, in recent years, the trend has been in favour of wine production for one’s own use or for selling. Another possibility to gain benefits from the initial inversion is to convert one or several of its outbuildings into lodgings or accommodation as a rural hotel.   Both actions, given time, will achieve a considerable profit on the initial inversion. The same law can be applied as that of wine, the more time passes the better the wine and so time will achieve the profits and gains deserved from an intelligent inversion.


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