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1. History

The pre-history in the municipality of Capdepera is well documented thanks to the existence of 41 archaeological deposits, which date back chronologically between the X y II centuries B.C., that is to say, between the pre-Talaiotic and Talaiotic periods.
The first written document in which the name of Cap de la Pera (Capdepera) appears is the book titled Llibre dels Feyts, more specifically in the chronicle which makes reference to the surrendering of the Arabs of Menorca in the Cap de la Pera. In the Tower of Nunis, situated in the interior of the castle walls, the Treaty of Capdepera was signed between the King Jaime I of Aragón and the Sheriff of Menorca. According to this treaty, Menorca continued to be under Muslim power, but submitted to a state of submission with respect to the King Jaime I and his successors. In the distribution of territories, the district of Yartan corresponded to the King who conceded the part of Capdepera to the Montsó and Nunis families.
The year 1300 the King Jaime II of Mallorca promulgated the Ordinacions where he ordered the construction of twelve villages in Mallorca. One of these was near “Cap de la Pedra” and so it became the walled precinct of Capdepera. The purpose of the Castle, the construction of a walled enclosure next to the watchtower of Miquel Nunis, was to group all the population which lived scattered in the area. The construction of the walls was finished towards the end of the XIV century.
As from the year 1820, with the conquest of Algiers by the French forces, piracy stopped and the strategic function and defence of Capdepera changed: The military people left the fortress and the inhabitants of the castle began to settle outside the walls and in much more comfortable and larger homes. At the end of the XVIII century there were only about twenty five inhabited dwellings left inside the enclosure and the new nucleus of population on the outside already consisted of more than two hundred dwellings.
In 1951 the building of the present docks of Cala Rajada were finished and in the decade of the sixties the touristic boom completely changed the economic structure of the municipality, which in turn brought many people from the mainland looking for work, which produced an important increase in the population.
In the year 1983 the Town Hall of Capdepera recuperated the ownership of the castle.

2. Geography

Capdepera has a very cut away relief and has quite a number of coves that accommodate well-known touristic centres such as Cala Rajada, Cala Mesquida, Cañamel and Font de Sa Cala.

2.1 Its place on the map

Look to see its whereabouts on the link.

3. Places of interest

The place which has maximum interest of the municipality for its antonomasia and for its spectacularity is its phenomenal castle. The urban nucleus of Capdepera as it is today, started as from the XVII century, from the moment that the inhabitants of the castle began to leave it and settle in the part around the foot of the hill. At the end of the XVIII century there were only twenty five inhabited homes within the  precinct, whilst in the new nucleus of population located on the outside of the walls, there were already more than two hundred dwellings. Due to the reforms of the XVIII century impelled by the Spanish Monarchs, the surveillance and defence of the coastal areas came under the control of professional military forces. In this way the precinct was converted into a barracks under the authority of a Governor. From this time dates the house of the Governor, one of the few dwellings inside the castle that is still conserved due to the fact that the residents used the stones of the houses to build the new living quarters outside.

4. Demography

To see some interesting facts about its demography and others about its population, please click here.

5. Economy   

The main economic activity is tourism, owing to the infrastructure of hotels and lovely beaches which belong to the localities of Cala Rajada, Cala Mesquida, Cañamel and Font de Sa Cala.

6. Education

Look to see the whereabouts and some websites of the Education Centres of this locality.

7. Transport

The road connections with Palma and the rest of Mallorca are guaranteed thanks to the service run by the company TIB, Transport de les Illes Balears.

8. Golf Courses

The nearest installations to this locality for the practice of this noble sport are those of Capdepera Golf, the Pulla Golf and the Canyamel Golf.

8.1 Aquatic Activities

Capdepera has the marine sports club of Cala Rajada, which is perfect for all nautical sports.

9. Special Events

San Antonio, 17th of January the previous day the 16th of January the traditional meeting with the devils and the lighting of street bonfires is celebrated:. The 17th, the actual Saints day, the "beneïdes", which is a chant sung to the accompaniment of music, where they make comments about the most outstanding events of the previous year.
Mercado medieval, this market is celebrated every third weekend of the month of May: it is a medieval fair which began to be celebrated in the year 2000 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the locality. The celebration takes place near to the castle and there are stands with typical products from the medieval age as well as alimentary products, craftwork, textiles, games and events with music etc. It was decided officially in the year 2001 that this fair would be celebrated every year.
El Carmen, Patron Saint of Cala Rajada, 16th of July: The Virgin of Carmen is the Patron Saint of sailors. The festivity stands out for its traditional Mass in the docks, and for the marine procession of the Mother of God accompanied by the band of music.
San Roque, patron saint of Cala Rajada, 16th of August, San Bartolomé, patron saint of Capdepera, 24th of August: these are the two popular festivities during which a variety of activities and performances take place and which are dedicated to all the population. Because of the close proximity of these two festivities, it was decided some years ago to celebrate them together, which results in that nearly all the month of August is festivity.
La Esperanza, patron saint of Capdepera, 18th of December: It is a much venerated virgin by the locals of Capdepera, as according to the legend (Legend of "sa Boira") she saved the antique inhabitants of the castle from a pirate attack. Every year during the festivity of the "La Esperanza" this event is remembered through the sermon called "sermón de sa Boira" and a procession.

10. Impressions

Capdepera is a magical place of the island of Mallorca. Situated in one of the extremities of the island, Palma seems to belong to another universe, metaphorically speaking. The outline of the castle in the central and elevated part of the village is outstanding. Its localities emit life and energy such as Cala Mesquida, a paradise of sand dunes and beach, there is also the tempting holiday and night-life of Cala Rajada.

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10.1 Images

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10.2 Videos

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