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Cala Figuera

Outstanding Features

Cala Figuera celebrates its patron saint festivities the day of the Virgin of Carmen, which is the 16th of July. Several cultural events are celebrated, as well as games, religious events and entertainment which end with an animated marine procession, in which the people decorate their boats hoping to win the contest of the best decorated boat.

Aquatic Activities

Cala Figuera is a locality with a fishing tradition where there is room for pleasure boats which are also protagonists of the marine area.

Golf Courses

The nearest installations to Inca for the practice of this noble sport are those of the Vall d’Or Golf.


Mallorca has many beautiful nooks and crannies, but, Cala Figuera has its own right to fame amongst the Mallorcans themselves. Cala Figuera is a photograph of the past, a small fishing port, where the sea is an intricate part of the daily life of the residents, thanks to the beautiful canals taken back to the houses. Cala Figuera could be seen as the Venice of Mallorca. Its ancestors could be found in the first fleets of boats ' de bou' established back in the time towards the year 1910, with the beginning of an intense fishing activity that has lasted till the present day.

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