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1. Its place on the map

Look to see its whereabouts on the map by clicking on the link.

2. Outstanding Features

When one visits Binissalem, it must be borne in mind that the historical centre is at a certain distance from the motorway from Palma to Inca. The geographical location of the municipality near to an important means of communication was one of the advantages for the economic and social development. From the station, it is necessary to head for the square where the church is, from where it is easy to organize the geographic routes of the surroundings.

From the town, one discovers one of the most outstanding architectural pieces of Mallorca, praised by many travellers of the XIX century, as well as by a number of local and non-local writers of the XX century. Even when the scenery and landscapes are exceptional, what really surprises and admires the visitors to the zone is the stone architecture the well-known stone of Binissalem.

The market square where the church is to be found is certainly worthy of admiration and is one of the most beautiful outside of the city, just as much for its harmony and spaciousness as for the buildings which surround it. It is easy to distinguish the parish church, built in the XVIII century, from the square of the XIX century. Formerly, part of this space was occupied by the parish cemetery, while the south-east corner was a small square known as the Lledroners.

3. Demography

To see some interesting facts about its demography and others about its population, please click here.

4. Economy

The wine producing zone of Binissalem has an approximate extension of about 600 Hectares and has l5 inscribed wine cellars. The wine producing tradition of the area dates back to the I century BC. after the Roman conquest, when the wines were compared with the best wines of Italy. In 1988, a group of viticulturists, wine makers and sellers of the zone, with a lot of art and experience in wine growing, applied for the concession of the designation of origin of Binissalem. Once having taken the necessary steps and consultations, the 'Consejería de Agricultura y Pesca' approved on a provisional basis the DO Binissalem and named an advising council 'Consejo Regulador Provisional' whose mission was to edit the regulation and rules of the project. The regulations of the DO Binissalem was approved of by the local government 'Govern de les Illes Balears' at the end of the year 1989 and ratified by the Ministry of Agriculture, fishing and Alimentation in the year 1991.

5. Education

Look on the link to see the location and some websites of the Education Centres of the municipality of Binissalem.

6. Transport

Binissalem has its own train station and coach service. These offer a regular service to Palma and the rest of the island.

7. Golf Courses

The nearest installations to Inca for the playing of this noble sport are the Golf Pollensa and the Golf of Aucanada.

8. Special Events

The Festa des vermar or the collection of grapes is in the month of September and is one of the most popular and famous of the Balearic Islands. The festivities last for nine days, during which time, Binissalem becomes the heart and centre of Mallorca. The festival activities begin with a reception amongst the grape collectors in the Town Hall with the presence of the bagpipe players. The programme of activities is wide and extensive and the town becomes colourful and full of joy as well as full of visitors. There are popular contests and competitions with a person commenting on them, games of chess, street parades, popular dancing fleets, a wine tasting competition and even an international contest of paintings.

9. Impressions

If you wish to see the selection of properties that Inmobiliaria Nova, your Estate Agency in Mallorca, has drawn up for you in, please click on the link.

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