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Apartments and Flats in Majorca

1. Characteristics

The rich and varied range of apartments and flats Majorca is a key factor in the attractiveness of the real estate sector of the Balearic Islands. The classic apartment or the classic flat in the city of Palma de Majorca or in its old town quarter offers an impressive exterior. Old and venerable they reside next to historic mansions or are even incorporated into them. Their old roofsbeams and terracotta floors are witnessing a unique tasteEvery piece of furniture, each room and each bedroom tells the story of the building. A large number of apartments in Majorca have been renovated recently and thus adapted to the requirements of a modern life. Although the apartments in the Balearic Islands’ capital were built many years ago, one succeeds to combine modern elements with those of the past harmoniously. These charming possessions in Palma de Majorca are unique in any case. Daily they remind us of the past, despite their often highly modern design.

Apartments and modern flats meet all conceivable requirements. Their elegant, sometimes sober lines and their always appealing design impress anyone!

Penthouses in Majorca usually have spacious terraces and transform evenings with residents and guests into memorable moments. The view over the rooftops, the mountains, the beach and the sea contributes substantially to the recreation in such dreamful objects.

The typical Majorcan apartment is built extremely wide, compared to other cities of the provinces. The dining room represents usually the main room, used for special occasions and family gatherings. The other rooms are arranged, mostly according to their functionality but no less impressive, around this central room. The typical apartment in Majorca isn't a place where you only live, but a place where you "reside, in the true sense of the word".


2. Location

Those areas where we can find this kind of possessions in very large numbers are Palma de Majorca and other municipal and town centers. Considering that there is no place in Majorca, where it is not possible to reach the beach within 45 minutes, we can say that all apartments and flats in the Balearic Islands are located relatively close to the beach or right by the sea! Thus, buying an apartment or a home in Majorca always means to acquire a possession near the coast. This is definitively a trait of the island!

The supply and demand of these beautiful objects represent a large proportion of Majorca’s real estate market. Some special elements are responsible for the uniqueness of apartments in Majorca. The charming location which unfolds the view onto the mountains and the sea, combined with the advantages of an extensive infrastructure characterize life on our island. The narrow streets of the old town of Palma de Majorca, the streets of the picturesque villages in the interior of the island and also the coastal roads are the elements which form the exceptional charm of those objects and account for the unique beauty of Majorca.

Purchasing an apartment in Majorcais definitely a phenomenal way to reside on a Mediterranean island. An offer that only Majorca can supply!


3. History

100 yearsago Majorcan families did not live neither in flats nor in apartments but in houses located in the urban core and in depending on cottages (Fincas), or in small houses in the country. Palma de Majorca was exceptional then, as there families lived in apartments. With the beginning of the tourism boom and new construction methods, the buildings gained in height instead of width. As the value of the land grew steadily, this construction design retained.


4. Pros and Cons

In economic terms apartments are the best choice to live in Majorca, either in the capital Palma, in a village, or along the coast. Of course, an apartment always brings along living together with ones neighbors, as a member of a community. Compared to other objects Majorca’s apartments are relatively small in relation to the price. A low price is normally related to a small number of square meters.


5. Perspectivesand Investor Relations

Skyrocketing demand and the wide availability of flats and apartments in Majorca, especially as holiday residences, makes an investment in such an object always interesting! The value gain of apartments and flats has continued even in a time of economic crisis!



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