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Andratx - Pueblo

1. History

1.1 Antique History 3500 BC - 900 AD

Andratx had been uninhabited since prehistoric times. 

1.2 Middle Ages (IV - XV)

It was originally a part of the district of Ahwaz Al-Madina when the Muslims arrived to this area and took control given to the Berenguer de Palou, the Bishop of Barcelona after the reconquest. Andratx was the capital of a region which included Calvià, Puigpunyent, Estellencs, Banyalbufar, Marratxí, some of the parts of Pla de San Jordi and the church of the Santa Cruz.

1.3 From the Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment (XVI - XVIII)

For the majority of the people of Andratx that lived near to the coast, during the XV century, pirate attacks were a constant everyday thing. For this reason the village started growing more towards the interior of the Island. A defence system was built along the coast, nowadays the watchtowers can still be seen, and are one of the important tourist attractions.

1.4 Modern Age (XVIII - XX)

The Bishop of Barcelona controlled this area until the year 1835, when Mendizábal allowed the expropriation and the selling of the properties belonging to the Church through a public auction. Tourism started arriving to Andratx in the 1960s, and this was only the beginning of an enormous process of change that converted this zone into one of the most important tourist resorts of the Islands of Majorca.

2.  Location on the map

To see where it is on the map.

3. Places of interest

The main places of interest in the municipality are as follows, the (church) Iglesia de Santa María de Andratx. There are also some watchtowers left which are in ruins, but which in their day served to warn the people about pirate attacks and attacks from the Moors. The municipality also has the Centro Cultural de Andratx, situated in the district of Sa Coma, to the north of Andratx.

4. Demography

To see some interesting facts about its demography and others including number of inhabitants, please click here.

4.1 Population

All through the XX century the municipality suffered a gradual reduction in its inhabitants until it reached a minimum in the 1950s. From then on there was an increase at a constant rate, except for the 1960s when there was an increase in population of 2.000 people. At the beginning of the XXI century the rhythm of growth in population has increased at a spectacular rate once again, increasing in the period 2001-2005 by 2.200 inhabitants and at the same time increasing the urban pressure on the surroundings.

5. Economy

Nowadays the main economic activity is tourism. Agriculture and Fishing have become practically obsolete, the majority being for personal consumption. The main crops cultivated are almonds, carob beans, figs and citric fruits. There hasn't been any industrial activity for many years. The wines of Santa Catarina are carefully elaborated in this municipality. These wines are very well-known and considered in Mallorca amongst the outsiders that visit us. 

7. Education

The Education Centres of this area and its surroundings.

8. Transport

The motorway Ma-1 or Autovía de Poniente (Autovia de Ponent in Catalán) is the most important which joins the different urban nucleus with Palma de Mallorca and Andratx. To see the timetables as far as public transport is concerned in the municipality of Andratx please, click here.

9. Sports and Entertainment

Andratx and all its surrounding districts have tranquil and excellent zones for nightlife, for going out for a drink with friends and to enjoy listening to music. Those that are considered to be best are the bars near to the marine sports centre of Puerto de Andratx.

Please click here to see all the possible municipal sports opportunities.

9.1 Aquatic Activities

The Puerto de Andratx is the ideal place for the activity of Sailing and in a setting almost magical for the beauty of its surroundings. The Club de vela del Puerto de Andratx is an institution whose aim is to promote the love of sailing and of the sea, without forgetting the formation of young people.

9.2 Golf Clubs

The municipality of Andratx has excellent installations and facilities in Golf d’Andratx, as well as the golf course of Dorint Royal Golf resort & Spa Camp de Mar.

10. Leisure and other activities

Andratx is a village of Mallorca full of life and colour. This can be seen in its restaurants, walking zones, parks and beaches. Andratx is a place where there is always plenty to do, even if it is only to contemplate the grandeur of the impressive sea.

10.1 The festivity days which the municipality of Andratx celebrate are on the following dates:

29th of July, patron Saint of San Pedro. The festivities begin with the official opening and proclamation at 19:30 on the 25th in the Town Hall of Andratx. In the morning the pipers announce the beginning of the festivities with the sound of their bagpipes all over the town. Officially fireworks announce the end of the festivities on the 29th at 12:00 midday, after the concert of the folk group 'Aires' of Andratx.

11. Impressions

Andratx is a glorious mixture of the modernism of our times and the Majorcan traditionalism in an ambience tinted by the wisdom of Mother Nature, very often frontline to the coast. In this zone there is the outstanding presence of Port d’Andratx , exceptional enclave, which is a clear example of a Majorcan port at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountain range. There is very good communication with the capital a 25 minute ride away, thanks to the western motorway which leads to all the municipalities of the island. Andratx is one of the most beautiful places of Palma de Mallorca to live either for a short stay or on a permanent basis.

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11.1 Images

 Andratx Andratx Andratx

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