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When Quinto Cecilio Metelo in the year 123 B.C. conquered and incorported part of the Balearic Islands as part of the territories conquered by Rome, he saw the necessity of establishing a future capital on the north coast of Mallorca. The place chosen was the city of Pollentia, nowadays Alcudia. The Roman general chose this site for geographical reasons, to be near to the metropolis from the sea, which was just the opposite to what happened during the Islamic domination which situated its Madina Mayurga to the south, in Palma de Mallorca, the present capital, also for geographical reasons. Quinto Cecilio Metelo began to populate Alcudia with 3.000 colonists mainly from the peninsular. He ordered the construction of a beautiful city through his forum in which buildings were to be found for judicial, administrative, commercial and religious purposes. He introduced the elaboration of wine and olive oil, to such a point that the port became the one with most commercial tradition of all the occidental Mediterranean ports.

Near to where the river bank was at that time, a theatre was built in Alcudia for an audience of about 1.500. At only about half a kilometre from the present city, the theatre today still conserves some of its basic elements such as the part of the orchestra and the stage amonst others.


Alcudia is situated in a peninsular of the same name as the locality. Because of this geographic condition, it has a large quantity of beaches. The highest part of Alcudia is the mountain of S'Atalai which has a height of about 445 metres.

Places of interest

In the municipality of Alcudia there are two emblematic places, the Natural Park of the Albufera in Mallorca and the Puerto de Alcudia. The Natural Park of the Albufera is a place of protection for the conservation of our wild life both animals and plants. The Puerto de Alcudia is not only a place known for its vitality, especially in the summer season, but also for the existence of water sports and as a commercial port.



The views of the bays of Pollensa and of Alcudia from the Atalaia are of an unforgettable beauty.The walks along the sea and the sea wall are deliciously relaxing. Alcudia has some nooks and corners that are only accessible by boat and they are paradisiacal.

Places of interest

The ruins of the old city of Pollentia and the Roman theatre are the remains of what our history tells us about our land, thanks to their millenary presence.


The main economic activity of this municipality is tourism especially in the Puerto de Alcudia, where the hotel service, restaurants and others are the economic motor. Fishing must also be mentioned here, it has been a traditional economic resource carried out in the port and its installations for a long time.


Palma de Mallorca communicates with the municipality of Alcudia thanks to a rapid motorway. To see the public service available in transport to and from Alcudia please, click here. In the Port of Alcudia, in the commercial port, boats leave for the peninsula and for Menorca.

Sport and Leisure

Aquatic activities

There are a numerous amount and a large variety of aquatic activities available in Alcudia. The municipality has several centres for water sports such as the Puerto de Alcudia, with its own Sailing School and Puerto del Cocodrilo in the impressive locality of Bonaire.

Golf Courses

The nearest courses for playing golf in Alcudia are Golf de Alcanada and Golf Pollensa.

Leisure and Entertainment

The Puerto de Alcudia is one of the most famous zones for night-life in Mallorca. Of all the great range it offers in restaurants, bars for having a drink, and discotheques one name stands out, that is the famous and prestigious discotheque Menta. Hidropark is a water park which will delight all the family, with various installations to guarantee fun and enjoyment of the refreshing activities. In order to see the municipal calendar of municipal events, please click here.

Special events

The 29th of June, Saint Pedro, the patron saint of the Port of Alcudia. The 1st and 2nd of July, Virgen de la Victoria. A pilgrimage hermit of the patroness of Alcudia, the shrine of Alcudia 25th of July, San Jaime, patron saint of Alcudia, 26th of July, la Trienal of Sant Crist d'Alcúdia , this is celebrated every three years, the last one being the 24th of August 2010, the festival of the Lanterns. During the first week of October the yearly fair of Alcudia is celebrated, with all kinds of stands, commercial, agrarian, artesian, and gastronome. The 26th of December, Saint Esteban (traditional festival since Germanic times).



Alcudia is a place marked by the sea, in all directions, except for the isthmus which unites the peninsular with the rest of the island. This means that everthing in Alcudia radiates the sea as only seaside places can. The Puerto de Alcudia, Pollentia, its wall which surrounds the city are elements which give this municipity a unique and special character. The natural zones of Alcudia are places touched by the creative and knowledgeable hand of Mother Nature, such as S’Atalaia, Cabo Pinar and La Albufera.

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