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Alaró - Mallorca

1. History

In the Middle Ages, Alaró wrote its own page in the history of Mallorca. First of all it was the Mussulmans who resisted the attempt of the Christian troops to invade and enter the walls of the castle of Alaró, back in the times of the conquest of Jaime I. But on the death of Jaimes I the Conqueror in 1276, the kingdom of Mallorca went to his son by divine right Jaime II. Alfonso, the nephew of Jaime II, took advantage of the war between Catalonia and France to conquer the kingdom of Mallorca. The Catalonian troops occupied all of the island with the exception of the castle of Alaró where the banner of king Jaime II still held strong. It was there that loyal followers of the legitimate king had united under the leadership of two men from Alaró, Cabrity Bassa. Both of them were burnt at the stake in the public square of Alaró after the castle had been taken, from that day they have become popular Majorcan heroes.

2. Geography

Alaró is a typical village at the foot of the Serra de Tramontana. Its streets, squares and public places use the mountain as a reference point, and it is always present in the life of the village.

2.1 Place on the map

To see its location on the map.

3. Places of interest

The place which results to be the most interesting of all the municipality is its marvellous castle, from where the most impressive views can be seen over Raiguer and the flat part of Mallorca.

4. Demography

To see some interesting facts about the demography and other points e.g. the population, please click here.

5. Economy

One of the most important economic activities in Alaró was, for many years, the footwear or shoe industry, up to the point that the municipity had at one time 30 factories and more than 2.000 people dedicated to this industry. Nowadays this activity has been reduced to a minimum. The lignite mines were also of great importance at one time but were closed down, but in their moment they were a very important part of generating and distributing electricity. Nowadays the village of Alaró, the same as many others on the island, have become places with no job opportunities and the people of the village have to commute to and from their job.

6. Education

In Alaro there is only one school Nuestra Señora de la Consolación. Please click on the link to see its situation in the municipity of Alaró.

7. Transport

A motorway unites Consell with Alaró and Alaró with Lloseta. The train station which goes towards the capital in one direction Palma de Mallorca and Inca, in the opposite direction can be found on the motorway to Consell, halfway between the two towns. For information about the train time-table and different services offered please click here. .

8. Sport and Leisure time

Alaró has a Public Sports Centre with installations for playing basket-ball, football 7/11 players, 5 a side football, swimming, sports ground, tennis and volleyball.

9. Golf Courses

The nearest places to play golf in the Alaró area are the installations of Golf Pollensa and those of Golf de Alcanada, in Alcudia.

10. Special Events

The l6th of August is the celebration of the Saint's day of Saint Roque. Apart from Saint Roque, Alaró also has two other patron Saints, San Antonio y San Sebastián. There is also the tradition to do two pilgramages a year to the castle to celebrate a Mass for the Mare de Déu del Refugi (one the first Sunday after Easter and the other in the month of September).

11. Impressions

Alaró is a part of Majorca with a great lineage and with an important role in history and a lot of splendor. Its streets are tranquil, its squares are peaceful and its inhabitants of a hospitable nature. The mountain is always present in every corner, crowned by its phenomenal castle, its presence is felt in every single place. Alaró is one of the ideal places of Mallorca, for its calmness, its lineage and the good character of its inhabitants.

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Rustic cottages in Alaró

Semi-detached and terrace houses in Alaró

11.1 Images

Alaro Alaro Alaro 

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