How do luxury real estate agencies work?

How do they manage their properties? What are their secrets…?

You’ve made your decision, now it´s time to choose a real estate agency. You probably want to know everything about it; how it works, what tools it uses, what service it provides to its clients… You will therefore know if you want to sign an exclusive agreement or you´d rather have your property on various agencies.

Things are developing and new methods are appearing that are changing the way we do things, and here comes the importance of luxury real estate agencies. They are always up to date and even one step ahead. Discover how they do it on today´s post:

To offer the best service they must count on the following tools:

  • Home staging:

    Home staging is a popular technique in all Europe that is revolutionizing the real estate sector. As the name indicates, it’s the “staging” of the house and involves decorating and setting a property so that it´s sold at the best price as quick as possible. But hasn’t this been going on for a while? Yes, we have always taken care of presentation but now more than ever! What used to be just an aesthetic quality has now become one of the most important features of a property and that’s why we should pay special attention to it.

    Home staging is not just cleaning and organising, it’s looking into details and exploiting the most attractive features of a property. From moving furniture here and there to buying some flowers to welcome a visit. Everything must be perfect!

  • Professional and different photographs:

    A property’s photographs can be it´s key to success and they should therefore be the best. Most real estate agencies count on professional photographers but luxury ones go a step further. They use new methods to obtain unique and different photographs. Imagine a breakfast table, with the best crockery and freshly made croissants. Is there a better way to show a house?

  • Sensorial marketing:

    Similar to home staging, sensorial marketing aims to attract clients through the senses. How? Giving each room a different personality, playing with the illumination, adding colour, using soft textiles and even baking cookies! Clients will see a home and not just a property and will be able to imagine themselves having a lovely breakfast, enjoying a conversation in the living room or even a fun dinner with some friends.

  • Properties in the best locations:

    Location can move mountains and that’s the reason luxury real estate agencies choose the best ones for their properties. Nova Mallorca fulfils this condition with ease as it has properties in the best areas of the island including Bendinat, Portals, Son Vida, Cala Vinyes and Andratx.

  • An exclusive relationship

    A luxury real estate agency will offer its clients an exclusive treatment and an authentic relationship. Each person is different and getting to know the tastes and concerns of each client makes the difference. All of this together with education, cultural level and the way to treat clients will make them enjoy the best experience.

Nova Mallorca is always up to date, using new tools and offering its clients an exclusive relationship and that´s the reason why it’s a luxury real estate agency!