What are the 5 most common errors when renovating a house?

Does your house need a renovation?

Avoid making mistakes!

You have your eyes set on a house but would like to change certain things or is it your usual home that is shouting out for a renovation?  At some point you´ll have to face this feared step! Feared because you don´t know where to start and because it´s easy to screw up, exceed your budget or come to an end thinking “but this is not what I wanted.” Luckily here we are, to let you know the most common mistakes during a home renovation, those mistakes you are certainly not going to commit.

When it comes to a renovation, avoid:

  • Not calculating the investment you´ll have to make.

    “I’ll move this wall here, I’ll choose marble, the bathroom is going to look ideal.” It’s easy to get carried away by the excitement and to focus only on the practical, forgetting the economic. Calculating the investment that the renovation will imply is fundamental and, oddly enough, the most common mistake among the daring reformers! With a deep economic study you´ll know exactly what each renovation will cost and if you can afford it or have to make some adjustments.

    Be careful, add a small reserve for unexpected events… you never know what´s going to happen.

  • Exceeding your budget.

    Calculating a budget is just as important as following it. The best thing to keep you in line is to focus on your price range and choose only between furniture and materials that adjust to those boundaries. With this method you´ll avoid falling in love with renovations that are out of your reach and you´ll save yourself more than one dissatisfaction.

  • Acting in a rush.

    Rushing is never a good idea and even worse if we are talking about a renovation.  Any modification in a house, whether  it´s the whole room or just a small corner is a delicate task that requires time and patience. If you act fast you´ll most likely make mistakes and correcting them is going to takes lot of time! Take a deep breath, it’s the only way to avoid unexpected surprises!

  •  Always choosing the cheapest.

    If there´s a cheaper option, why not! Error, sometimes cheap is expensive and that´s why you should not always focus on the most economic option. Ask your architect and compare prices and qualities to find the combination that best suits your needs.

  • Disowning the legislation.

    A very common mistake is to forget to check if the reform you´re making falls within the legislative framework. All the reforms have to adapt to certain requirements not only of the autonomous community or the municipality but also of the community of neighbors, if it´s the case. Take time to make these checks and discuss any reforms with the neighbors. Although it´s legally within your reach, it´s always good to warn and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Avoiding these mistakes your renovation will be a complete success and your home, just like in your dreams!!