Prostate cancer is a great offence amongst men; it is one of the most common cancers amongst the male sex. Blood tests were, up to now, the most reliable check. They measured the levels of a protein called prostate antigen or PSA but quite often the results were wrong and men were subjected to unnecessary processes.

This cancer is a great worry amongst the specialists and doctors studying it as they do not have a 100 percent accurate way of spotting it and it kills nearly 11,000 people a year. However, a new method has been found, a quicker and easier way that does not involve rectal examination. It is said to be the biggest breakthrough in prostate cancer diagnosis is the past 25 years.

The inventor, Hardev Pandha, a professor of medical oncology said: ‘This new test could lead to faster detection that could save hundreds of lives and also offers the potential for huge cost savings.’ The test counts on many advantages including its facility and accuracy and its low cost which will hopefully make it available for most of the citizens. Its main advantage is that it does not only spot the cancer but is able to tell doctors how serious and evolved the illness is.

The Surrey University creators have already established deals with companies and if it all goes well it will be in doctor’s surgeries later this year. This is a great advance in the research of prostate cancer and it could even lead to most men being screened for the disease, just as women are for breast cancer.