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The importance of a strategic offer

When you have found the house of your dreams, it's time to make an offer. At Inmobiliaria Nova Mallorca we give you the keys to make it a success!

Finding the perfect home is an adventure and involves visiting a multitude of properties and reviewing countless aspects until you find the right one, but it doesn't end here. Once the choice has been made and things are clear, it is time to make an offer.

It is a complicated step and it is normal that doubts arise: how will I know that I am making a good offer? Will the buyers consider it? Don't worry, we all ask ourselves these questions and, although there is no magic formula, we do have some tips that will ensure that your offer is successful.


Some recommendations for making an offer


Keep the following tips in mind if you have set out to make a successful offer that will allow you to purchase the home of your dreams.

Before you start, know your budget

To make a good offer, it is important that you know your limits. A price that is beyond your means can put you in a bind.

Analyse the market

Look at the sales of other similar properties in your neighborhood and you will get an idea of the market price. This can be very useful to establish the first amount.

Show interest

For you, it's a house that you have no sentimental ties to at the moment, but this is not true for the seller. Let him know what are the reasons why you want to live in what has been his home and you will reach an agreement more easily.

Know the seller's motivations

The seller's personal motivations are just as important as the characteristics of the market. A seller who is eager to get rid of the property as soon as possible is not the same as one who is in no hurry and is waiting for the perfect offer.

Before making an offer, find out if the seller is willing to negotiate. Knowing their interests will get you closer to what they are looking for.

Make a reasonable offer

It's normal to try to get the best price, but be careful; with an offer that is too low you could lose the game. Offer a price in line with the market and the value of the property.

Show evidence of your funds

Before submitting the offer you will need to give evidence of the type of purchase you are going to make. If you are financing the purchase, be sure to show that you are qualified to borrow money.

Whatever happens, stay calm

You never know how an offer will unfold. It can be as simple as closing the deal with the first proposal and as complicated as taking several months. One way or another, always be calm and polite.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents on hand

Check that all documents are signed and include the information the seller has requested. This will save time and expedite the process.

Consult with a specialist

When it comes to making a good offer, there are many things to consider and a specialist can make the process easier. Have a professional help you!

You've got it all - follow these tips and you'll have a successful bid!

Published: 28 Apr 2022
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