The festival of Rey Jaime I

The festival of Rey Jaime I, the successful landing and the great battle against the Moors. In Majorca September is a month of celebrations and this weekend more than ever. I´m sure for many it’s no surprise as you´ve already been celebrating the festivities of the Rei en Jaume for several days ... and well [...]

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Fiestas del Rey Jaime I

Fiestas del Rey Jaime I, el desembarco y la gran batalla. En Mallorca, en septiembre, estamos de fiesta y este fin de semana más que nunca. Para muchos seguramente no es una sorpresa y ya llevéis celebrando las fiestas del Rey Jaime I varios días… y bien que hacéis. Desde principios de mes Santa Ponça [...]

Ready to celebrate San Sebastian in Majorca

Majorca is ready to celebrate San Sebastián! For Majorca this is a week of celebrations and you can’t miss it! San Sebastián is one of the most important festivities in the island and I don’t think any Majorcan is willing to miss it. However, what it is about? Every celebration has a [...]

Fiestas de San Sebastián en Mallorca

¡Mallorca celebra las fiestas de San Sebastián por todo lo alto! Esta semana Mallorca está de fiesta y tú no te lo puedes perder!   San Sebastián es una de las fiestas más importantes de la isla y creo que no hay ni un mallorquín que se las pierda. Pero a qué [...]

Platos típicos de la navidad mallorquina

Los platos típicos de la navidad mallorquina La Navidad está a la vuelta de la esquina. Magia, ilusión, regalos y la nevera a rebosar con los ingredientes de las tan esperadas comidas de Navidad. En Navidad las alegrías y las celebraciones van siempre acompañadas de los mejores platos. En una casa u otra, en una [...]

The magic of the Sibil-la

The magic of the Sibil-la, all around the island. The Sibil-la is a chant of medieval origin that is performed the night of the 24th of December throughout the many churches of the island. Its importance comes from it being one of the few left examples of religious medieval folklore that have only survived in [...]

Palma Oktoberfest

Palma Oktoberfest. Don’t feel sad if you have not been able to go to the most important beer fest of the year. You don’t need to go all the way to Munich to celebrate it, it is closer than you think! At the “Multifunctional enclosure of Son Fusteret” you will be as in Munich itself. [...]

Nit del Foc – Night of fire

 Nit del Foc – Night of fire The “Nit del Foc” (night of fire) is one of the most important events of the summer in Majorca. It is a tradition that has been going on for many years and that causes great expectation and enthusiasm. It is celebrated on the eve of Sant Joan on [...]

Fira del Ram – Palma´s annual funfair

Fira del Ram - Palma´s annual funfair. As usual, at this time of the year, Palma inaugurates its annual funfair that will be set up from the 11th of March to the 19th of April at the enclosures of the Polígono Son Fusteret (on the outskirts of Palma.) The attractions fair will be open Mondays [...]

Ярмарка миндаля в Сон Сервера

Ярмарка миндаля в Сон Сервера. Сон Сервера (SonServera) демонстрирует большой коммерческий и туристический потенциал местного миндаля. Шестая ярмарка, посвященная фрукту с особой символикой на острове, имела огромный успех и в очередной раз продемонстрировала своюнеобычайную привлекательность для Майорки. Кто сомневается в том, что лучшей рекламой острова Майорка является цветущий миндаль? Деревня Сон Сервера (Son Servera) отдала [...]