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Buy a finca for sale in Mallorca and discover its essence

The beauty of Mallorca cannot be understood without looking at its distinct authenticity and history. The 21st century has brought a lot of significant changes in terms of technology and modernism, however where you will find the true essence of the island is in its rustic and traditional houses or fincas. Living in the premises [...]

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Live in Paradise: Luxury properties for sale in Mallorca

To be stunned by the beauty of Mallorca isn’t hard: it has it all. A Mediterranean island that shines due to its perfect location and its countryside filled with hidden gems. This versatile paradise means that buying a luxury property for sale in Mallorca is the perfect excuse for discovering an idiosyncratic mix centred on [...]

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Luxury properties in Mallorca: Live in Son Vida, a cosmopolitan community full of possibilities

Mallorca is an island filled with possibilities. The luxury and the lifestyle which you can feel in this corner of the Mediterranean is easily compared to one of the best landscapes on the globe. The ideal climate blends the sea breeze and its crystal clear waters of its infinite coves with the mountain range the [...]

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Why you should buy a property that’s for sale in Santa Ponsa, an idyllic paradise suited to foreign investors

The magic of Mallorca lies between the impressive Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and its prestigious turquoise water beaches. Somewhere where this phenomenon takes place is on the west of the island. The municipality of Calvià is one of the main areas in which foreign investors decide to buy a [...]

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Live in the charming community of Andratx

Buy a property in Andratx with Nova Mallorca Real Estate Amongst all of the corners of the Mediterranean there is an inland paradise with invisible borders which holds within it a perfect combination of sea and mountains; city and countryside; sophistication and tradition, and most importantly, a magical opportunity to invest in a property. In [...]

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Change of decoration

Change of station, change of decoration Summer is over, and the beach, the flip-flops and sunbathing with it. With the change of season comes the fall, the most beautiful and welcoming season, the trees lose their leaves and their greenness, the energy that was previously concentrated in the leaves is collected to the roots to [...]

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Free time at home

How do you use your free time at home? Each person has his way of enjoying his free time at home, whether it is watching TV, reading a book or swimming in the pool, we all like to leave our routine behind and dedicate our time to ourselves a little. How much time do you [...]

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How has technology transformed the real estate sector?

Is it necessary to adapt to new technologies? Today technology is the basis of modern society, and as it evolves, more and more companies update to incorporate technology into their businesses. Among them is the real estate sector, in Nova Mallorca we deal with the concept called "proptech", which uses tools such as “Big Data” [...]

What kind of floor should I choose for my home?

How to choose the ideal floor for your home. The floor is an essential part of any home. Knowing which one to choose from the many options there are is a difficult decision, which is why from Nova Mallorca we want to guide you so that you can make the right decision. Which options do [...]

The perfect chill-out for your rooftop

Do you have a rooftop but don´t know what to do with it? Now that we are in summer, from Nova Mallorca we want to give you a couple of tips on how to set up your perfect and affordable summer chill-out. You've been waiting for the summer all year and now it's time to [...]