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The festival of Rey Jaime I

The festival of Rey Jaime I, the successful landing and the great battle against the Moors. In Majorca September is a month of celebrations and this weekend more than ever. I´m sure for many it’s no surprise as you´ve already been celebrating the festivities of the Rei en Jaume for several days ... and well [...]

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What is the appropriate selling price for my property?

What is the appropriate selling price for my property? Do you find it difficult to fix the sale price of your home? Don´t worry, these 10 tips will definitely help you! Setting the selling price of a property is not an easy task. Too high? Too low? Finding the middle ground is a big adventure. [...]

Take advantage of the small corners in your house

Take advantage of the small corners in your house ... you will be surprised! Are there any unexploited corners in your house? After reading this post I don´t think so! In all houses there are unexploited corners. That small one in the living room, that alcove under the stairs or that space behind the door. [...]

The real estate developer is back in the market

The real estate developer returns and buying off plan increases During the years of crisis the figure of the real estate developer, who drives, finances and builds to sell, had practically disappeared. The construction of these types of projects was paralyzed and confidence in the investments shivered. Good news, things have changed. We are now [...]

8 ideas to decorate a terrace

8 ideas to decorate a terrace Do you want to give your terrace a unique touch? Discover 8 ideas to decorate your terrace on today´s post! In summer, terraces are definitely the main character. They are the chosen places to spend mornings in the sun, relax watching the sunset or spend long summer nights in [...]

How to set the table for a summer dinner?

How to set the table for a summer dinner? Are you planning on preparing a summer dinner? Don’t miss how to decorate the table on today’s post! Now that you have your rustic finca ready why not prepare a nice summer dinner or, as Majorcans say, a “dinar a la fresca.” The surroundings of rustic [...]

How to decorate a rustic finca

Do you want your rustic finca to look perfect? Discover the secret on this post! When we talk about a rustic finca we picture ourselves in a quiet and comfortable place where the elements and nature combine to create incredible properties. Its decoration focuses on traditional materials such as stone, wood, brick or clay to [...]

Leaks at home?

Do you have leaks and your neighbour won’t take care of them? Leaks at home? Your neighbour declines responsibility? You have the solution in this post!! If you have leaks don´t worry, they appear in most homes and everything has a solution. It´s important to act as soon as possible if you don´t want a [...]

What is a lifetime mortgage?

Do you know what a lifetime mortgage is? Discover this new trend in today´s post! You may have already heard about the lifetime mortgage, a very attractive and increasingly common trend in real estate market. But what is it exactly? Let's say it´s a special type of sale focused on the elderly, in which an [...]

What should you look out for before buying a new house?

Are you planning on buying a house? Do you want to know what to look out for? Keep reading…. The search for a new home is a big adventure. Price, location, financing method, common facilities ... There are so many things to look out for, you may not even know where to start. That's why [...]