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What are the 5 most common errors when renovating a house?

What are the 5 most common errors when renovating a house? Does your house need a renovation? Avoid making mistakes! You have your eyes set on a house but would like to change certain things or is it your usual home that is shouting out for a renovation?  At some point you´ll have to face [...]

Tips to save up in January

Hard January, how to make it a little less hard After December’s excesses, in January we must tighten our belts! December is a month of continuous spending. Presents, dinners with family, friends and even not so friends… one ends up eating and drinking for two! Sounds familiar? Don´t worry, after December comes January, the complete [...]

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What tools do luxury real estate agencies use?

How do luxury real estate agencies work? How do they manage their properties? What are their secrets...? You’ve made your decision, now it´s time to choose a real estate agency. You probably want to know everything about it; how it works, what tools it uses, what service it provides to its clients… You will therefore [...]

Can you sell a council flat?

Is it possible to sell a council flat? How? Last week we found out the characteristics of a social house, how to access one and its advantages and drawbacks but now we´re back to take a step further! Today we will discover if you can sell a council flat, the great doubt related to this [...]

What is social housing?

What are the characteristics of a social home? How can I access one? You have probably heard of social housing, also called local authority housing, but I also bet that you don´t know its exact characteristics. What conditions must they meet, what requirements must you meet in order to access it, what benefits it provides, [...]

8 errors you should avoid if you want to sell your house

Do you want to sell your house? Avoid making these mistakes! It's time, you've put your house up for sale. You´re nervous. Don´t worry, it's normal that you feel that way and that's why we are here. On last week´s post, we showed you all the factors that will increase the value of your property. [...]

What factors increase the value of my property?

What factors increase the value of my property? Did you know that having an elevator increases the value of your home? Keep reading and discover this and much more! A house is not just its square meters. There are many other factors that increase its value and that you should therefore not forget. Taking them [...]

In search of the perfect house

Are you searching for the house of your dreams? Find out how to find it on today´s post. Finding the perfect house is not an easy task, and many don´t even know where and how to start. What properties to visit? Where? There are many factors to consider and that's why we’re here! To lend [...]

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The festival of Rey Jaime I

The festival of Rey Jaime I, the successful landing and the great battle against the Moors. In Majorca September is a month of celebrations and this weekend more than ever. I´m sure for many it’s no surprise as you´ve already been celebrating the festivities of the Rei en Jaume for several days ... and well [...]

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What is the appropriate selling price for my property?

What is the appropriate selling price for my property? Do you find it difficult to fix the sale price of your home? Don´t worry, these 10 tips will definitely help you! Setting the selling price of a property is not an easy task. Too high? Too low? Finding the middle ground is a big adventure. [...]