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10 tips to invest in the real estate market

Are you planning on investing in the real estate market? Check these tips to make your investment a success! 2016 winks at the real estate market and its investors, with important signs of improvement. Prices stabilize and banks seem to open the tap, making investment a very attractive option, not only for large funds but [...]

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What is a passive house?

Do you want to know what a passive house is? Discover it in this post! To understand better what a passive house really is and what advantages it can provide we will divide this post into three parts: What is a passive house? A passive house is a building that doesn’t need traditional [...]

Fundamental home reparations when changing house

8 reparations you can’t afford to miss when changing house Are you planning to move out? Don’t miss 8 fundamental home reparations when changing house.  Moving out is a great adventure and as all, needs its preparation. Before you begin to move boxes and furniture it’s important to check for any reparations that must be [...]

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Why is buying a house better than renting one?

Do you have doubts whether to buy or to rent? Get to know the advantages of buying a house! Buying a house is a big responsibility and you probably feel more secure renting. At first sight, buying a house can seem risky but I can assure you that it brings many advantages and in general [...]

Ready to celebrate San Sebastian in Majorca

Majorca is ready to celebrate San Sebastián! For Majorca this is a week of celebrations and you can’t miss it! San Sebastián is one of the most important festivities in the island and I don’t think any Majorcan is willing to miss it. However, what it is about? Every celebration has a [...]

10 tips to make moving with kids a little easier

Do you have kids? Are you planning to move out? You probably need a bit of help. Moving is a big change that affects us all. Organizing, packing and un-packing boxes, making important decisions…, but what happens with kids? A new home, a different room, a neighbourhood that is not the same, are some of [...]

Hard January

Hard January, how to make it a little less hard Is January becoming an uphill struggle? It happens to all, but there are many ways to make the so called “hard January” a little less hard. After the parties, presents and all types of celebrations it’s time to readjust. Christmas is always a time of [...]

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Typical Majorcan Christmas dishes

Typical Majorcan Christmas Dishes Christmas is nearly here. Magic, excitement, presents and a refrigerator that can fit no more ingredients! In Christmas, joy and celebrations come hand in hand with the best dishes. In one house or another, in one community or another you will always eat well and Majorca does not fall behind. Around [...]

Majorca´s Christmas Markets

The best Christmas Markets of the island Christmas is here and with it its Christmas markets. Because we know you love them, we leave you a list of the best ones of the island. In many homes, Christmas has already arrived and in the rest, it is coming soon. Chocolates, lights, music and a Christmas [...]

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All you need to know to move in with pets

Are you planning on moving out? Do you have pets? Do not worry… here you will find all you need. Moving out is not an easy thing but with a little help it can become a great adventure. Emptying all those drawers you haven’t checked in years, packing, moving boxes, but what happens with the [...]